If you can’t beat ’em…(Christmas Printables for Project life)


I have been seeing Christmas things (cards, printables, etc) since JANUARY and while I always moan about it, I also know that there are MUCH more organized and forward thinking people out there who are much better prepared for the day than I am because they start well in advance.  They might appreciate these.

When looking for images for something else I found these adorable graphics by Spoon Graphics, luckily free to use, and grabbed ’em, with the idea to file them away for a later date.  But in looking at them I felt they would work well with the Word Search style things I am in love with at the moment.  I first made a cute set of Christmas card toppers, then figured as long as everything was there on my desktop, I might as well make a set of PL printables.


two page PDF, with five 3 x 4 cards and two 4 x 6 cards (I don’t often make 4 x 6 ones but frankly I thought  they would also work as card toppers and I’m all about the double-duty items) and two photo addition strips.  I did that a few times on some older printables.  Designed as small strips, with tabs, you can add them to the front of a photo and secure the tabs on the back.  One is 4 inches and one 6. The 6 inch one can be folded to make it smaller, you just lose the birdie!



Don’t feel like you have to slavishly cut the tabs exactly – they get folded to the back so it’s more a visual clue as to how to use them than it is a precise requirement.


This will give you an idea of what you are getting.


I love kraft and red, so luckily that colourway worked with the graphics.  I think they turned out cute as can be.  The featured words are in red, and bold, but they take up such a small space on most of them you could easily print word strips that work for you, even on white, then stick them over my words to make the whole set much more usable.

And as to more usable, I see no reason you couldn’t cut out the 3 x 4 filler cards and simply punch a hole in one corner to turn them into gift tags, or indeed why you couldn’t mat them and use them a small card toppers! MORE than double duty! The words on this one were SNOWY DAY and while I would be OK with leaving them on a tag, if you don’t like them you can cut them off.


I’ll add the cards after I get them printed and made up as actual cards, but expect them to follow the same idea.  I suspect I will probably include the sheet of the kraft colourway in that PDF as well if when I test the cutting there is enough space to trim them down to just slightly UNDER 4 x 6 for a card topper with a border, IYKWIM.

With luck that will happen tomorrow.  DH is back from Japan on Saturday and next week is crazy busy, with Challengers for DD, Insomnia, both practice and the event itself for DS , a chili cook off for DH, then DH taking DS back to Scotland the next week.  Then we are in to back to school for DD and things will settle a bit.  I’m exhausted just typing it all out!I try to blog every day but when life is busy it’s mighty hard!

13 thoughts on “If you can’t beat ’em…(Christmas Printables for Project life)

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  2. These are adorable, thanks so much!

  3. very cute!
    Sandra ltb

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  5. thanks a lot for this cars i really love them !

  6. Ooh these are great! I used those graphics on some xmas tags a few years back and am really looking forward to using your cards in my DD album 🙂

  7. Thank u sooo much. I look forward to your mail every morning. I love all do and have noe used my Gelli because of u.
    Hugs from Oregon coast USA

  8. I really enjoy all the free printable you offer.

  9. These are SO adorable….thank you so much!

  10. Thanks Mary Ann, great printables.


  11. Thanks….these are great.

  12. I did consider doing that digitally, like I did on the first set, but I figured leaving it plain would let people decide to do that, or not, as they preferred 🙂

    Glad you like them


  13. Another great idea MaryAnne and I love the Christmas graphics. Think I would circle the word search words in red to make them pop more, just like I do with a real word search.
    Thanks again.
    Ann B

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