Word Search Filler Cards for Project Life


Note: Jump forward to THIS post to see how I used this idea to make a set of note cards and info on how you can make your own custom Word Search grids for any use. There are also downloads of the grids I used as PDFs and PNGs. See a sample card at the bottom of this post!

I had the idea to make some filler cards based on the classic Word Search puzzles. highlighting journaling words.  It was actually easier than I expected, once I realized I needed a monospaced font so everything lined up as it should.  Just a single sheet PDF, with a mix of themes, two boy, two girl, one lovey-dovey. Hard to see but the letters are a medium grey, with the “search words” black, to highlight them a bit better


I printed and cut them, more to show how the corner-rounding looks.  I could have filled the area more completely but I felt the rounding would cut into the letters and look a bit rubbish.


With the exception of the first one, the highlight words are pretty tightly organized.  I think you could cut them out to use them as a smaller embellishment on a scrapbook page or even use them full size (or cut down) as  a card topper.  They are just a bit of fun, more a case of I had the idea and had to figure out how to do it, and do it easily, than because I had a burning desire for them to use myself.  But, as usual, once I’ve done the work and satisfied my curiosity, there is no reason NOT to throw let them loose into the wild.  If you like them, and find them useful, grab ’em.

Adding a card sample:


6 thoughts on “Word Search Filler Cards for Project Life

  1. I like this too,have search books all over my house in my cars in my pocketbook ha,ha, Kinda like them you think ??These cards are awsome great job….

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  3. Mark your calendar 🙂 You will def. want to come back to my blog tomorrow when I will hope to add a post that shows you how to very EASILY make your own. And have a look at the post today for a card using the same idea that as a word geek you will like (I hope!)


    Mary Anne

  4. My friends will love these as we’re all word geeks. Thank you for your generosity in putting them out to us. You are an inspiration to me!

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  6. Oh they are fabulous!

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