WOYWW 218 – desk and floor!

What is on my desk today, for our weekly WOYWW blog hop and snoop, is the remains of the Gelli printed foldnote from yesterday.  A terrible mess!

woyww218The first order of business is a proper tidy-up.  What is on my FLOOR, beside my desk, is some old Paper Loft papers that I unearthed when we were tidying up the garage (taking advantage of DS being home from Uni – he’s eating us out of house and home so it’s only fair we get some work out of him LOL!) and some long envelopes I scored on a trip back to the States, oh, at lest 3 or 4 years ago.  I have an idea to turn them into a minibook.  Once my desk is usable, that will move off the floor.  Should be interesting, if it works like I think it will, but only time will tell!


Happy Wednesday!