Update of my most popular printables

Just because I am wildly busy at the moment, and because I have been planning to do this for AGES and just never made the time (new stuff draws my attention easier, but it’s also more labour-intensive, usually)  I’ve now updated my(link to the original)  Life is so Daily printables, with fresher, more summer-y colours.  Most of the shades tone with Olive, but there are a few other shades mixed in.  The original set is darker and the colours more intense, so I always thought a lighter, brighter version would also appeal.  I’ll hope to make the set with the Days of the Week rather than the number strip, if there is interest, although the whole Does the week start on SUNDAY or MONDAY thing means that unless I do the variations there will be people who are disappointed!


Here is the link to the NEW ones. A two-page PDF, with the two special cards and 1 thru 10. You can see the colours used in the strips if you want that info before deciding to download them!