Cork board printables for Project Life

Been a while, but I’ve been planning these for a bit, it was just finding the time – clearing out the garage is in the cards today so I’ll just pop this up quick and get to work!

Two pages – one of cards with some simple text, one of minimal journaling spots.  I think the journaling cards will work rotated in many different ways so hopefully there will be at lest one that works for you.  The white bits have a sort of plaster effect on them, and while they look good on flat paper I think they look really nice of textured paper.


Maybe an angled shot will show it better:



I think the journaling spots would work well on a layout, maybe ever better if printed two full sheets to a page, where the size of one of the blocks comes up at just under 3 x 2 1/4 inches.  Just make sure to tick 2 images per page and Scale to Fit and Auto Rotate.  At least that is what I have to do on my Canon.

I did consider making the text in colour, but just couldn’t decide WHAT colours to use. so I went with white.  I think you could edit it quite easily in PSE to change the text colour just by selecting all the white.  I may give it a go so I can explain it step by step, but if you know PSE you probably already know how to do it.  Any benefit to adding a .png? LMK!