Lovely mail

A UKS member, Petrina, commented on my Gelli play with contact paper and packing tape, saying how much she loved one of the samples.  We emailed a bit and I sent her a few little bits and bobs in the mail, and ATC, a little piece made from her business card stand template, and some of the packing tape strips.  She doesn’t make ATCs per se, but she does do wonderful business card sculptures.

She said she would send me something and I just have to share what I got!

First, this lovely card.  The simple rectangle is so pretty, and hard to tell just how pretty from a photo.  I love the cool colours and subtle design:


There is a pop-up inside the card, a cute treehouse:

Petrina2and a 3D business card that is adorable:


I just love paper engineering so it made my day to get all this and a lovely note from her.

I made no progress on my mini yesterday as there was a bit of a kerfuffle on UKS that took up some time sorting and now find I can’t make crop on Saturday either.  Poo.  I got totally sidetracked by an odd bit of Gelli plate play which I will add tomorrow, after I refine a few things so I can explain it properly.  Maybe I’ll get to the mini later, maybe not.