Quickie printable elements – wooden arrows

Just super quick today – DS and I are sneaking off to see Now You See Me today – it’s the last day of school for many so the cinema should be pretty empty for a morning show.  Not as bad as when DD persuaded me to take her to see the Justin Bieber concert movie, when we were the only two people in the whole cinema LOL!

I made some arrows.  I made them t use in my Smash book, which has seen very little action, really, but this summer seems the perfect time to actually use it.





The PDF sheet has loads of little arrows – on a barn wood background, with a selection of words in a rubber stamp sort of font (Press it) and in white and black, with a blank one for you to add your own text.



You can maybe just about see that there are a couple of options for cutting.  Cut just along the border lines, cut just outside them for a white border, or cut just INSIDE them then smudge on some ink to add a bit of colour.

I think they work nicely for scrapbooking elements too so double duty!



Gelli project – Top Hat (sort of steampunk)

Hello.  I am clearing the decks for a long WOYWW hop as I managed to throw out my back yesterday.  Knowing I had to take DD skating I didn’t manage much time at my desk and commenting from my iPad is a pain, when it is even possible.  Managed skating but took it easy last night.  Feeling much better now, although with another day or two of DS’s home-from-Uni laundry still on the kitchen floor, I must pace myself.

What I DID manage before clenching up was a little project I’ve been thinking about for a week or so.  A collision of things new and old.  Went back to an old Craft Stamper – just grabbed an old issue off the shelf and immediately saw Kim Costello’s lovely Steampunk top hat from last summer.  I knew a new stamp I got at Newbury would fit the bill perfectly.  Last year the hit of the show for me was some images from Visible Image.  Love them.  This year they had some new character stamps.  I am so not a fan of cutesy characters, and while these don’t have the appeal of the Stampotique ones, for example, they work for me.  I deeply regret not snatching up all of them, but I passed on Edward (got Isabella – the whole Twilight thing, ya know?) and got Edgar as in Edgar Allen Poe, complete with raven) but passed on one called Bradley – missing the connection there.  There is an Emma too, that I don’t get the connection with either, not even sure if they are a pair.  The skateboard kids and “cuter” ones aren’t me but they might be YOU.  At least they have mouths…

Anyway, I grabbed the top hat template from the CS site (still there YAY!) and read thru the instructions in the mag.  Oh dear.  too fiddly, no grungeboard,  blah blah blah.  I set out to make it easier (for me anyway) and to use my Gelli prints from the other day.


I decided to give paper, heavy cardstock, a go. I cut out the template but rather than doing what the mag says and cutting apart the panels then sticking them together with glossy accents I snipped away the overlap, leaving it connected at the top.



I covered that with one of the paper towel Gelli prints.

tophat3Sort of tucking the bits of the paper towel behind the card to snug up the panels, I then glued them at the back.



That gave the same effect, so when the hat was made round the curved brim worked as it should.



Then it was just a matter of following the mag instructions.  Of course virtually the next thing needed as…grungeboard.  I looked around and spied some fun foam.  That worked perfectly to ass the backing strips that let the top hat top get glued to the little lip the grungeboard (fun foam) creates.

Rather than using a tiny attacher to staple the brim in place, I added red line tape around the inside lower edge and stuck the brim in place that way.  Worked a treat. I used a phrase from the Edgar set and some random cogs and gears, plus a metal rose from a disassembled Primark bracelet to finish him off.  I coloured Edgar and stuck him to a bit of paper towel core (loo roll cut down a smidge works too) that had been covered with another Gelli print. And old stamp mount forms the base, and about then was when my back went so none of that is stuck on yet. I may paint and decorate it yet.


The back shows the laced up hat better.



Might need to take a better shot of that once the sun moves around a bit, it’s a little dark, but too washed out digitally manipulated.

Oh and I also stamped the feather from another Visible Image set.  It’s lovely.



Now, I need another painkiller then desk hopping.



WOYWW 215 – fabric!

Had a lovely day yesterday with Julia.  We popped in to two quilting shops and the resulting purchases are ware what is on my desk today.  I got a few fat quarters, some fabby Moda bar code piece, FINALLY managed to find the elusive white dots on black (so basic, what could I never find it? ) and a wonderful Graphic 45 fabric panel that I

have a ton of ideas for.  We both saw a piece hanging on the back of the door (by Red Rooster) and loved it – I am seeing a mini-book cover cause I want to make use of the whole blocks, not cut them up. Isn’t the butterfly lovely?




I also have my Gelli prints from the other day, waiting to be turned into SOMETHING.  I was flipping thru an old Craft Stamper and saw something I am keen to try.  I just need to pop to the site (how annoying they don’t list the actual URL but just the site URL – grrrr.) and see if I can download it still cause the article is an older one.



So that’s me for the day.  Looking forward to your desk later….

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Mixed bag – Gelli ATCs and printables

Very excited to be meeting up with Julia for a day mooching around fabric stores and hearing all about her Gelli play.  So I am keeping the text minimal and just adding some ATCs I made last week with Gelli prints.  I had to fix one word (lis-remembered lyrics – DOH!) and wanted to try to capture the glitter and Pearl-ex add-ins.


You can’t see it very well in the top photo, better (if you know where to look – where the cards “meet” in the middle you can see the M all shiny.)  The glitter is more obvious.


The other thing came about after a discussion on UKScrappers about Word clouds.  I just took a moment to make a sheet.  Maybe they are useful, maybe not, but I offer them as a single sheet PDF, and let you decide!





Working on multiple Gelli prints at once

I was still playing around with the Gelli printing on paper towels, and decided to see how using all the same elements on different pulls would work out.  Let me explain.

I started by pulling a print thru a stencil.


When I removed the stencil, I pulled a second print from the plate


Finally, I flipped the stencil and brayered the leftover paint onto a third print.


As I added layers, I did each of those steps on a different print.



As it is still so hot here I had to move quickly before the paint dried so I am not sure all my snap decisions were the best ones!  With more time to assess the prints and how the next layer was going to interact with what I had already laid down, I might have opted for different layers.  But I guess I’ll have to wait for  a cooler day.

What I found really interesting is how different the three resulting prints were, despite using the exact same stencils and paint colours.




I am also thinking that when I think Just one more layer I should instead step AWAY from the plate.  So often I like a middle step better than when I carry on thinking that last layer is the one that will make it FABULOUS.

Not sure what these will end up as yet. But I’ll add them to my stash and one day I’ll just KNOW….


ATCs and ATC back printables for Gelli fans

I finished the ATCs I had planned for those paper towel and baby wipe pieces from yesterday.  I like plays on words, puns, and all that sort of thing, and have often used slogans etc for layout titles.  These are a substitution joke, if you will.  DD, with her SEN issues, is still straddling the line between child and teen.  On the one hand she is a boy band fan (I may actually be forced into the cinema today to watch the One Direction movie…ACK! UPDATE: I’m saved!  she mis-read the listing and the movie isn’t out til the end of August.  Phew!) and on the other she is likely to pull out an old Sesame Street video to watch.  She has been watching Get Up And Dance often lately and the song Do the Jelly is stuck in my head.  As I was playing with MY Gelli, the idea for these sort of came to me.


The backgrounds are the paper towel pulls (For Jiggle and Do the Gelli!) and the baby wipe for the middle one. The glitter mixed with medium technique produced the sparkly dots. One thing about that is there is NO CHANCE the glitter will come unstuck.  RESULT!

I need to drag out my pasta machine to try a chine colle technique – I think I first saw that in a book by Claundine Hellmuth at some point in the past – for this sort of thing, and maybe even go back to something I’ve done before, printing on paper towels.  I just iron them on to freezer paper and put that thru the printer. My thoughts are that it will meld the cut outs to the backgrounds more effectively, making them seem all one piece.  I am also thinking it might be totally possible to pull a Gelli print, let it dry 100%, stick THAT to the freezer paper and run it thru the printer.  I don’t see why it WOULDN’T work, as I have printed on Gelli prints before.  We’ll see. And I wonder why I keep having to replace my printers……DOH!

gelliatcbackThe other thing is a set of ATC backs that I made.  I made them for me, of course, and almost didn’t share them as I think they do have limited appeal, but one or two people might find them fun. The old Jell-O slogan There’s Always Room for Jell-O! was the origin, slightly altered to make more sense.  I tried to mimic the Gelli packaging, with a typewriter (rather than rubber stamp) font and made the colours work, but the ATC by Me logo is my design from ages back.

The sheet is tightly packed, nine backers, in both orientations.  They SHOULD print ok on US letter paper, although the top and the bottom border line will be cut off.  That shouldn’t matter as they are just the right size for ATC backs and the borders of the paper will still be usable to get the fit right.

If you use your Gelli prints to make ATCs then you might like to use these for the backs.  If you print them on quite heavy card you could even use them as your base – although if you are mucky like me you might want to stick a large Post-It not over the back, or stick them with temporary adhesive to a plain piece of paper to keep them pristine. My ATC backs are SHOCKING usually.

So there you go.  The experimentation continues.  Keep cool…another hot one here, and the only redeeming aspect of sitting in the cinema watching a boy-band movie is the AC.


Gelli printing on …paper towels? baby wipes?

Yep.  OK, so we all know that sometimes the prettiest, most unplanned and unintentional arty bits can be the mop up sheets, brayer-cleaners, plate-wipers, etc. But what if you flip that idea on its head and actually plan to create on those items as a base?  Oh my days!  I love the look.  Maybe a bit like printing on fabric, but when you iron the end result – and I can’t seem to put my hands on my craft sheet at the moment, but between a couple of sheets of heavy printer paper worked fine, just as the iron is heating up so you don’t adhere the painty surface to the paper, or just on a lower setting. You aren’t putting a lovely crease in a pair of trousers here, you are just aiming to flatten the sometimes stretched or wrinkly paper towel or baby wipe to get most of the creases out.


The paper towel has a fab texture to it.  I don’t think the photos do it any justice at all. The one on the left is a clean up print with white paint and the remains from the one on the right. Let’s look a bit closer at that one:



Isn’t it pretty?

And As I had left the bit of plastic off the top of my baby wipes the first sheet I pulled out was pretty dry, so I went ahead and both pulled a print on that and used it to clean my stencils, printing the excess paint onto the top:

gelliwipeWhereas the paper towel is pretty opaque, the diaper wipe has a lovely translucent quality to it – not as much as deli paper, but you can def. see things in shadow thru it.



I am thinking this opens up a world of possibilities.  I had no trouble pulling the prints (I saw the warnings about using photo paper or other glossy paper, but even so I am keen to try my HiTi dye-sub printer sheets as they are plastic coated  so without the same issues as glossy cardstock or photo paper, I think) and the paper towels and baby wipes worked pretty much like paper does.  They do stretch a bit, as I brayered over the back to really pull the paint off the plate as fully as I could, and the colours are not what I would call muted, really, although they are matte, with no real shine like you sometimes get with acrylics.  And the end result is wonderfully flexible.  I think covering the sides of a canvas, for example, would work wonderfully well.

Hottest day of the year here today, they say, so DD and I may be driven to go to the cinema – but I’ll def. check to make sure the air con is working before I book the tickets LOL! It’s either that to going to the grocery store to stand by the freezer compartments….



Pool printables for Project Life

One of the things I really miss about our old neighborhood is the community  swimming pool.  We spent so much time there in the brief time we actually lived in our house, between when we moved home from the UK from our first time here and when we came back to the UK for the second time.  The day the pool opened was cause for celebration, even if the water was freezing for a few weeks. I still have some photos from back then that need scrapping, and summer seems to maybe be finally here, so that is where my mind has drifted.

I am still playing around with being able to set images to a fill pattern. And some textures.  Looking at these you can get a sense of that:


This is a close-up of the texture on the blank one for journaling. It’s printed on a slightly cream linen texture cardstock but it looks good on plain card too:


Now here is the boring technical info.  The original PDF, as created in my graphics program, is 35mb.  HUGE. I tried doing my usual trick of Save As and applying the size-reduction Quartz filter to no avail.  I have no idea why it doesn’t work as described.  I’m sure it HAS worked in the past.  So I played around a bit.  I am going to add two things.  The first I opened in Photoshop, saved as a Photoshop PDF, THEN applied the Quartz filer.  That is VERY small, under 500 kb.  I just wasn’t sure if that would print sharp enough, and opening it in Photoshop  removes the surrounding white area, which I worried might alter the size when printed.  But I printed it and it seems to be OK, so don’t be alarmed if you download it and it looks like the image fills the page.    I also saved it as a .png, which is under 4 mb.  That will likely be sharper, but I’m not sure it is so much sharper as to matter – if you want, print both and use the one you prefer.  The .png has the added benefit of being OK for digital work.  I’m adding both, cause that’s just how I roll. {wink}

In any case, I hope it is useful to you.

Looking forward to DS coming home from Uni in Scotland.  As ever, I’m sure I will want to wring his neck within 24 hours, but for now I am just going to enjoy the anticipation of a lovely long visit.  We have plans to see Now You See Me at the cinema next week, being he is rather into his sleight of hand magic tricks, so at least there will be a couple of hours that I am not at my wits end with him LOL!


SDC108 – French Flair gothic arch

I’ll admit, I totally forget yesterday when I did my WOYWW post that Weds. is also the debut of the new Stampotique Designers Challenge.  So I set aside the ATCs to do that instead.

All in all it went together rather easily, and I certainly enjoyed making it.


I had in my mind that I would have a go at a gothic arch.  I had seen references to a Gothic Arch challenge blog on other WOYWW desks but when I went to have a look it looks like it stopped new posts last year!  That’s me in a nutshell, a day late and a $ short, as they say.  Never mind.  I sent ahead with is anyway.

Never having done one before, I was a little all at sea, but what I ended up doing was starting with a base of a lovely old Paris postcard image from The Graphics Fairy.  I printed it twice, then cut a pretty basic arch shape out of one of them.  I added some Distress Ink then brushed on some thick gold paint around the inside of the arch.  Hard to see, but I added pop dots/foam pads around the cut out area.  Sticking the cut-out to the outer edges of the 2nd image, and having it popped around the open edges gave the whole thing a real depth.


For the bottom edge, to create a stand element, I cut a bit of an old frame embellishment, wider that the base.  By sticking THAT just at the sides, it created a bowed effect.  that allows the arch to stand up freely. A scattering of vintage-y elements and the quote from Casablanca finished it off. For that, I used a bit of this image, just cutting out the PARIS word digitally to make the text banner.


I coloured the stamped images with Copics but then knocked back the brightness a little with some Vintage Photo distress ink. The little couple are the same two I used on the True Love box, for an SDC challenge eons ago,  and I like to think of them as having grown up and moved on but alway remembering their time in Paris fondly. In order to get the best image the biggest I had to lead off with the surprise inside.  Not the way I would usually choose to do it, but hey ho, the magic of WordPress dictates it.


WOYWW 214 – mag inspiration

Hello WOYWWers! Very lax today.  This should have been scheduled yesterday but there was way too much going on to get to it.

Last week when the power was out I got the current issue of Craft Stamper through the letterbox.  I did what I always do, which is have a quick flick thru it to see if anything sparks me off, but instead of putting it aside for another day, I actually had the time to try something right then and there.

The article, by Jean Beck, was about folding up paper then saturating the folded corners with Distress Stain. Unfold.  Fold, soak. Unfold.  Fold, soak, etc. all well and good but I really think that you have to let the paper dry between soakings, cause mine just tore into pieces when I tried to unfold it.  I will re-read the article with a little more attention to detail, but what I took from it the first read was the DRYING stage was only for the final step when you smudge on Distress ink to “fill the gaps”.  Quite possibly my inattention to detail, but what I had in the end was a bunch of little bits.

woyww214Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they look, but it certainly isn’t a whole-cloth sort of thing.

I did two of them, the one above and another one that used some sprays as well and some drawing ink too. That one held together better, maybe because I didn’t fold the whole thing, but did it in sections.  You can see it there to the side.

woyww214bI stuck them with gel medium to ATC bases.  Today, I’ll hope to finish them, as well as complete the Pan Pastel one from yesterday.  Then, I guess if I am going to make the darn things I should probably try to trade them.  Or maybe, as is my way, I’ll just hoard them….



Have a great WOYWW.  Off to drop of DH’s car for servicing.  He’s been using mine and it’s a right pain in the butt to be without.