WOYWW 217 – working on the mini-book


Just a shot of my WOYWW desk.  I am hoping to work on my mini-book from the other day, but it’s skating, and a round of haircuts, and DS seems to have settled in to staying at home rather than sloping off to the office as he usually does. That may cause me to don a Summertime Mom hat or two, in the COOK and WASHERWOMAN roles.  He’s meeting up with friends in Essex next week and needs a full complement of clean clothes.


OH! And I got a lovely bit of mail yesterday from Petrina, but will have to hold off sharing it till tomorrow.  Pop back, if you get a chance.  It’s very cool…..

Happy WOYWW!

22 thoughts on “WOYWW 217 – working on the mini-book

  1. Hope you found time in your busy day to work on your book 🙂 Happy WOYWW! Thanks for a sharing a peek into your studio space, I love seeing what everyone is up to! ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33 (#132 whoa…I was late to the party today!)

  2. Hi MaryAnne, the mini book looks intriguing- love the ‘vintage, but modern’ look of the papers. Boys! They’d vanish under a pile of their own dirty clothes & dishes if we left them too it, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22i

  3. Beautiful papers that you have chosen.

  4. I love those papers…retro yet modern..if you know what I mean! That little mini album is great, really clever.
    And I love having my two around for the summer even though the amount of cereal that I have to buy trebles! And where does all the bread go??
    Hugs, LLJ #20 xx

  5. Such pretty paper choices. I’m in full on Summertime Mum mode too! I get a little respite today though, while they have lunch with their Gran :o)

  6. Beautiful papers for your mini book – hope you manage a bit of time for yourself soon to finish it off 🙂


  7. Fab album and lush summer colours too! Yep having people home when they are not normally is strange but we love it. Me and Keagan just chill, the house is a tip, but we are happy and enjoying our time together! Take care my friend, stay cool. Zo xx 77

  8. A wonderfully colourful desk this morning. Those pages are really great. Well done.
    Have a good week – even if cooking, washing, ironing….have to feature!
    Margaret #9

  9. I was amazed how quickly my son always settled back into his routine when he came home… Mum doing everything for him! LOL Love the mini book, those papers are great. Annette #1 for the first time in 4 years!

  10. We love your mini books. We keep thinking we must try one, then we get distracted by the journal again!

  11. Gorgeous collection of papers… the book is going to be fabulous.
    Thanks for letting me visit 🙂

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece #58

  12. Busy as always I see! Neat mini album, coming along nicely. Don’t spend too long on your other roles though!!

  13. The mini book looks lovely – really bright and summery papers! Have fun.
    Bernice # 39

  14. What would boys do without their mums? You have a busy household by the sounds of things. Your mini book looks gorgeous so far and I am really loving the colors of those pretty papers. Hope you have a great week and perhaps time on the weekend while your son’s away to get back to your book. Happy WOYWW! Danie #25

  15. The mini book looks gorgeous! We just got a message we need to pick my daughter up from the airport so that curtails my crafting plans for today! thought she was taking the train! Ah well, I so missed her, so I mustn’t complain. Part of being a mum/wife etc! Happy WOYWW. Julie Ann #12

  16. Yep, having everyone at home really does seem a distraction, I can’t understand why! Loving the bright cheerful papers you’ve chosen.
    Are you cropping with us this weekend? Am going to put another call out….do ignore the email!

  17. Isn’t motherhood wonderful? Asks the woman whose “motherhood” consists of scooping poop and filling bowls with water and cat food!! I’m sure you are far better at it than I would be.

    That’s a lovely little book you’re working on.

    Happy WOYWW from #2.

  18. loving your mini book – wonderful papers and embellishments!
    ahh, dear sons… ours has perfected the ‘I just can’t work the washer/cooker/hoover – it always goes wrong’ technique, then lil sis steps in and does it for him *sigh*
    happy WOYWW and have a great week 🙂
    no. 8

  19. fab papers in your mini book love the colours and fun patterns very vibrant ,sounds like you have little time for you ..I hope you find some. if get the opportunity will be back tomorrow you’ve intrigued me…your DS is a lucky lad have Fab week Andrea#32#

  20. Lovely papers your using there for that mini book…. Looks great
    And he’s how old???????? I’m just the same and my daughter is married and lives fifteen mins away but I still go round and clean her house with her !!!

  21. Love your mini book but I get the “mom” tasks very well – huh keeps one away from the crafting desk! Hope your week goes well, thank you for sharing your desk!
    Lots of hugs,

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