SDC 110 – Tags

Decisions, decisions.  To add the custom banner for Gelli Play or SDC.  I’ll decide when I finish.

Summertime, with the kids underfoot, always means I wear my many Mom hats more than usual.  This little tag book reflects some of those hats.  Chauffeur, Nurse, Washerwoman and Cook.  Washerwoman seems to be the most worn hat at the moment.  While I love the summertime freedom from the tyranny of the school uniform, it does make for more laundry.

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There is room on the back to list the number of loads of laundry, meals cooked, trips sorted, etc.

I may have to change that Gallery – for some reason WordPress refuses to allow me to Preview my post so I have no idea what it will look like till I publish.

On that note, I found that I had to set things aside yesterday to do a little baking.  DS was going to a BBQ with some old school mates and I wanted to make some cookies for him to take to share.  But I didn’t want to go to the store.  I had to find a recipe that was edible, good even, that could be made from just the things I had on hand.  I found this recipe for a Wacky Cake.  No eggs, no milk, no butter.  Perfect.  But I didn’t want to make a cake, too hard to eat at a BBQ.  I just altered the recipe by cutting the water in half (so 1/2 cup rather than a full cup) and added a bag of dark chocolate chips.  The first batch I baked for 8 minutes, and while they looked lovely on top, the underside was too gooey and they were pretty fragile.  The next two batches I cooked for 10 minutes.  They were better.  The top is crispy, the underside more cake-like.  The tablespoon of batter spread a bit to produce a nice sized cookie, and they would be yummy used to create a Whoopie Pie sort of thing, with two cookies and some ice cream filling.



They would have been better had I had actual white sugar instead of only Demerara. But DS and DH liked them a lot.

And speaking of DH, he placed in the chili cook-off!  Runner up, with loads of nice comments from the judges.  Considering the winning “chili” ( I feel the need to put that in quotes) had POTATOES in it, I’m not sure if that makes it a triumph or not!  But he was well chuffed.  And placing means he goes to a final cook-off in September.

Now I have to find a home for this:


United Kingdom Chilli Cook-Off
Isle of Wight Chilli Fiesta
Runner Up

The whole CHILI (American) v CHILLI (UK) spelling thing confuses my spell checker 🙂