WOYWW216 – Gelli debris


Happy WOYWW!

My plan is to finish the Gelli book that I constructed yesterday. But I have an annoying amount of paperwork to do so it might not get finished.  First, I think I need to attack the mess on my desk:

woyww216What a catastrophe!

I’ll add a couple of shots of the finished book, just to save you the effort of looking back:

Just a handful of surfaces to cover, but the one thing about Gelli prints, or at lest the ones I tend to do, is they are rich with colour, not a lot of white space, so layering too much over them can be tricky.  I’ll have to  perhaps try a few ideas to see what I like best.

Off for a hop in the morning – with DS home there can be competition for bandwidth so we’ll see how it goes.



24 thoughts on “WOYWW216 – Gelli debris

  1. Love the gelli book, still a bit (a lot) in the dark about what they are, just paint??? or….jelly? Never had a problem with band with in this house, all computers are never switched off! I cried when I had to pay £15 for the day in a camp-site, and all it was, was knicking some one’s else’s (VERY small and slow) bandwidth in the near by village! I could only get on line when they were! So that was BT for you, their log on to ‘Hot Spots’ for free was a BIG fib! Anyway, love your colours on on gelli pages and your desk is nowhere near as messy as mine! Happy WOYWW sorry I’m late sometime wordpress asks for a pastword and I can never remember it, it’s different for every wordpress blog….I don’t know why!
    ((Lyn)) #36

  2. Dingledodies! What a fabulous word… it really does give you a lift to even say it in your head!! Love the design of your geli book and your creepy little dingledodies look fab on the geli backgrounds! Annette #17

  3. I so love these bright colors!!!! Happy WOYWW! Sue K

  4. That Gelli book is delicious, Mary Anne! Happy WOYWW to you!

  5. Hello Maryanne – yep, gelli printing is not for those who like a pristine work space!! Love your brightly coloured prints. Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  6. Love your gelli book, the colours are super.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #81

  7. The book looks really great! Colours are fab! I would love to try gelli plate, need to buy someday. Magda 🙂

  8. great looking prints! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #104

  9. Wow! what fantastic colours – I am not up to date with “gelli” – must go & find out about it ‘cos you make it look fab #81

  10. Wow! Colour! Lovely. Paperwork does have the habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it? Trust it’s done now, and you can concentrate on crafting.
    Margaret #32

  11. your gelli plate book is looking soooo good and as you say so rich in colour. I am looking forward to seeing it all finished as it is a piece of art
    Sending a hug for WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  12. There ‘can be’ competition for bandwidth. How frightfully English of you – I’m thinking Amercian here – there IS….!! Have ben without Internet for two days so am going to have to page back now, this Gelli book is fab. My gelli is erm..still wrapped!

  13. Fab Gelli book and I love the colours. Boring paper work is the stopper of most craft I reckon! Take care Zo xx 91

  14. We love your Gelli bag and really must try something a little different with our prints.

  15. Desk looks absolutely great .-) Wonderful project, too. I think I’ll give it a try with a few of my thousands of gelli prints …
    Suzanne x

  16. I love how bright these are 🙂 I never worked with Gellis before. I guess I won’t be for some time because my wishlist of supplies is already so long 😉

  17. Awesome gelli prints! wonderful colours! Have a happe WW! die amelie #87

  18. Marianne that’s not much of a mess you can make more than that!!!!!!!!
    Love all the lovely colours you have been using with your jelly plate As you say not a lot of whitespace
    Jackie 72
    Scrap bang wallop

  19. Thats not a mess, its a really neat one if you ask me, your project is coming along great, love it
    Bridget #24

  20. Love the bright colours! Hope you have a lovely day. Helen, 7

  21. Your gelli books are brilliant I just wish I had more time to get stuck into the art and play, I so love my gelli plate but don’t have enough time.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 55

  22. Oh your colors are so gorgeous! I am so confused about these gelli plate things…will need to research a wee bit I guess!!! Happy WOYWW!

    Sue Kment # 40 or 50 ish-I forgot already LOL

  23. gah paperwork, hideous stuff. love the colours in the project. hope you have a good wednesday. caroline #41 (akilli melek)

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