WOYWW216 – Gelli debris

Happy WOYWW!

My plan is to finish the Gelli book that I constructed yesterday. But I have an annoying amount of paperwork to do so it might not get finished.  First, I think I need to attack the mess on my desk:

woyww216What a catastrophe!

I’ll add a couple of shots of the finished book, just to save you the effort of looking back:

Just a handful of surfaces to cover, but the one thing about Gelli prints, or at lest the ones I tend to do, is they are rich with colour, not a lot of white space, so layering too much over them can be tricky.  I’ll have to  perhaps try a few ideas to see what I like best.

Off for a hop in the morning – with DS home there can be competition for bandwidth so we’ll see how it goes.