Flower book – a gift

DD has had the same escort since she moved into secondary school.  Drivers have come and gone (and she has a new one for the last two days!) but Betty has remained the constant.  She asked for a photo, but as a scrapper I thought I could do better.  I still had this little book, built on a flower, that I made AGES ago  and never filled with photos.  The essay, by Alan Beck, called What is a girl?  seems to fit DD perfectly.  A handful of photo over the ages and it was done.  I think she will really appreciate it.  I have a video post about the construction which has the link to the folding flower CD holder template, if you fancy making one.  and this is what it looks like:

The “tiled mosaic” option for displaying photos is one I really like, but it does seem to rather randomly choose which photos to highlight by making them bigger.  They aren’t perhaps, the ones I would highlight, but still, the smaller space used and the general overview of a multi-photo project is great.

Just to add – I found the link to the folding flower CD case so you don’t have to go to the video if all you want to see is that!