Quickie printable elements – wooden arrows


Just super quick today – DS and I are sneaking off to see Now You See Me today – it’s the last day of school for many so the cinema should be pretty empty for a morning show.  Not as bad as when DD persuaded me to take her to see the Justin Bieber concert movie, when we were the only two people in the whole cinema LOL!

I made some arrows.  I made them t use in my Smash book, which has seen very little action, really, but this summer seems the perfect time to actually use it.





The PDF sheet has loads of little arrows – on a barn wood background, with a selection of words in a rubber stamp sort of font (Press it) and in white and black, with a blank one for you to add your own text.



You can maybe just about see that there are a couple of options for cutting.  Cut just along the border lines, cut just outside them for a white border, or cut just INSIDE them then smudge on some ink to add a bit of colour.

I think they work nicely for scrapbooking elements too so double duty!


5 thoughts on “Quickie printable elements – wooden arrows

  1. Love the arrows! I have bought and made smash books, but they rarely get used :/

  2. Brilliant.

    Some where along the way I have missed the ‘Smash book’ and what goes in it. This is wonderful to have everything in one kit: the book, glue, scissors… did you put the book and tool holder together or buy it like that?

    Thank you, I look forward to your every entry.

    Happy thoughts,

  3. Hey Maryanne, these look fab – and really handy as I’ve just started on my smash book at long last so thanks very much! :o)xxx

  4. Enjoy your film I loved it.

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