Gelli project – Top Hat (sort of steampunk)

Hello.  I am clearing the decks for a long WOYWW hop as I managed to throw out my back yesterday.  Knowing I had to take DD skating I didn’t manage much time at my desk and commenting from my iPad is a pain, when it is even possible.  Managed skating but took it easy last night.  Feeling much better now, although with another day or two of DS’s home-from-Uni laundry still on the kitchen floor, I must pace myself.

What I DID manage before clenching up was a little project I’ve been thinking about for a week or so.  A collision of things new and old.  Went back to an old Craft Stamper – just grabbed an old issue off the shelf and immediately saw Kim Costello’s lovely Steampunk top hat from last summer.  I knew a new stamp I got at Newbury would fit the bill perfectly.  Last year the hit of the show for me was some images from Visible Image.  Love them.  This year they had some new character stamps.  I am so not a fan of cutesy characters, and while these don’t have the appeal of the Stampotique ones, for example, they work for me.  I deeply regret not snatching up all of them, but I passed on Edward (got Isabella – the whole Twilight thing, ya know?) and got Edgar as in Edgar Allen Poe, complete with raven) but passed on one called Bradley – missing the connection there.  There is an Emma too, that I don’t get the connection with either, not even sure if they are a pair.  The skateboard kids and “cuter” ones aren’t me but they might be YOU.  At least they have mouths…

Anyway, I grabbed the top hat template from the CS site (still there YAY!) and read thru the instructions in the mag.  Oh dear.  too fiddly, no grungeboard,  blah blah blah.  I set out to make it easier (for me anyway) and to use my Gelli prints from the other day.


I decided to give paper, heavy cardstock, a go. I cut out the template but rather than doing what the mag says and cutting apart the panels then sticking them together with glossy accents I snipped away the overlap, leaving it connected at the top.



I covered that with one of the paper towel Gelli prints.

tophat3Sort of tucking the bits of the paper towel behind the card to snug up the panels, I then glued them at the back.



That gave the same effect, so when the hat was made round the curved brim worked as it should.



Then it was just a matter of following the mag instructions.  Of course virtually the next thing needed as…grungeboard.  I looked around and spied some fun foam.  That worked perfectly to ass the backing strips that let the top hat top get glued to the little lip the grungeboard (fun foam) creates.

Rather than using a tiny attacher to staple the brim in place, I added red line tape around the inside lower edge and stuck the brim in place that way.  Worked a treat. I used a phrase from the Edgar set and some random cogs and gears, plus a metal rose from a disassembled Primark bracelet to finish him off.  I coloured Edgar and stuck him to a bit of paper towel core (loo roll cut down a smidge works too) that had been covered with another Gelli print. And old stamp mount forms the base, and about then was when my back went so none of that is stuck on yet. I may paint and decorate it yet.


The back shows the laced up hat better.



Might need to take a better shot of that once the sun moves around a bit, it’s a little dark, but too washed out digitally manipulated.

Oh and I also stamped the feather from another Visible Image set.  It’s lovely.



Now, I need another painkiller then desk hopping.