Working on multiple Gelli prints at once

I was still playing around with the Gelli printing on paper towels, and decided to see how using all the same elements on different pulls would work out.  Let me explain.

I started by pulling a print thru a stencil.


When I removed the stencil, I pulled a second print from the plate


Finally, I flipped the stencil and brayered the leftover paint onto a third print.


As I added layers, I did each of those steps on a different print.



As it is still so hot here I had to move quickly before the paint dried so I am not sure all my snap decisions were the best ones!  With more time to assess the prints and how the next layer was going to interact with what I had already laid down, I might have opted for different layers.  But I guess I’ll have to wait for  a cooler day.

What I found really interesting is how different the three resulting prints were, despite using the exact same stencils and paint colours.




I am also thinking that when I think Just one more layer I should instead step AWAY from the plate.  So often I like a middle step better than when I carry on thinking that last layer is the one that will make it FABULOUS.

Not sure what these will end up as yet. But I’ll add them to my stash and one day I’ll just KNOW….