Gelli printing on …paper towels? baby wipes?


Yep.  OK, so we all know that sometimes the prettiest, most unplanned and unintentional arty bits can be the mop up sheets, brayer-cleaners, plate-wipers, etc. But what if you flip that idea on its head and actually plan to create on those items as a base?  Oh my days!  I love the look.  Maybe a bit like printing on fabric, but when you iron the end result – and I can’t seem to put my hands on my craft sheet at the moment, but between a couple of sheets of heavy printer paper worked fine, just as the iron is heating up so you don’t adhere the painty surface to the paper, or just on a lower setting. You aren’t putting a lovely crease in a pair of trousers here, you are just aiming to flatten the sometimes stretched or wrinkly paper towel or baby wipe to get most of the creases out.


The paper towel has a fab texture to it.  I don’t think the photos do it any justice at all. The one on the left is a clean up print with white paint and the remains from the one on the right. Let’s look a bit closer at that one:



Isn’t it pretty?

And As I had left the bit of plastic off the top of my baby wipes the first sheet I pulled out was pretty dry, so I went ahead and both pulled a print on that and used it to clean my stencils, printing the excess paint onto the top:

gelliwipeWhereas the paper towel is pretty opaque, the diaper wipe has a lovely translucent quality to it – not as much as deli paper, but you can def. see things in shadow thru it.



I am thinking this opens up a world of possibilities.  I had no trouble pulling the prints (I saw the warnings about using photo paper or other glossy paper, but even so I am keen to try my HiTi dye-sub printer sheets as they are plastic coated  so without the same issues as glossy cardstock or photo paper, I think) and the paper towels and baby wipes worked pretty much like paper does.  They do stretch a bit, as I brayered over the back to really pull the paint off the plate as fully as I could, and the colours are not what I would call muted, really, although they are matte, with no real shine like you sometimes get with acrylics.  And the end result is wonderfully flexible.  I think covering the sides of a canvas, for example, would work wonderfully well.

Hottest day of the year here today, they say, so DD and I may be driven to go to the cinema – but I’ll def. check to make sure the air con is working before I book the tickets LOL! It’s either that to going to the grocery store to stand by the freezer compartments….



10 thoughts on “Gelli printing on …paper towels? baby wipes?

  1. These look fantastic, so full of texture and.coloit. I keep telling myself i don’t need a gelli plate but looking at these I so do

    Thanks for sharing

    Suzy x

  2. MA, where do you get your stencils? I’m in the US so where can I find them online? Totally love your stuff and your creativity!


    • Humm, let’s see. On this one I think I used an very old Crafter’s Workshop letter stencil, a…maybe Tim Holtz ? circle stencil (but loads of makers have similar) and some sequin waste. I also used a big circle one, that is called That Special Touch by Creative Expressions. I think it may LOOK like I used a lot more than I did, but it’s all just colours and layering! One thing I do is put the stencil on the plate, brayer on the paint, remove the stencil, then pull the print, then use the paint stencil to “stamp” the colour, maybe on the same print, maybe on another because I often work on two prints at a time. But really, all of these used pretty limited things as all my stencils are horribly mucky and need a good soak and a clean 🙂



      Oh and not sure where in the US you would get them. I’m guesssing Michaels as a good place to start. If there is something you can identify that you want info on, tell me which one you see it on and I’ll try to give you more info if I can!

  3. How awesome! That is definitely something I wouldn’t have thought to try, but your results are so inspiring! Love them!

  4. Brilliant! I love how these turned out! Thrilled you shared this with the party!

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  6. The soft pastel like print you got from using your baby wipes look very pretty. Love to see how you will use these on something in the future.

  7. superbe technique merci

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