Pool printables for Project Life

One of the things I really miss about our old neighborhood is the community  swimming pool.  We spent so much time there in the brief time we actually lived in our house, between when we moved home from the UK from our first time here and when we came back to the UK for the second time.  The day the pool opened was cause for celebration, even if the water was freezing for a few weeks. I still have some photos from back then that need scrapping, and summer seems to maybe be finally here, so that is where my mind has drifted.

I am still playing around with being able to set images to a fill pattern. And some textures.  Looking at these you can get a sense of that:


This is a close-up of the texture on the blank one for journaling. It’s printed on a slightly cream linen texture cardstock but it looks good on plain card too:


Now here is the boring technical info.  The original PDF, as created in my graphics program, is 35mb.  HUGE. I tried doing my usual trick of Save As and applying the size-reduction Quartz filter to no avail.  I have no idea why it doesn’t work as described.  I’m sure it HAS worked in the past.  So I played around a bit.  I am going to add two things.  The first I opened in Photoshop, saved as a Photoshop PDF, THEN applied the Quartz filer.  That is VERY small, under 500 kb.  I just wasn’t sure if that would print sharp enough, and opening it in Photoshop  removes the surrounding white area, which I worried might alter the size when printed.  But I printed it and it seems to be OK, so don’t be alarmed if you download it and it looks like the image fills the page.    I also saved it as a .png, which is under 4 mb.  That will likely be sharper, but I’m not sure it is so much sharper as to matter – if you want, print both and use the one you prefer.  The .png has the added benefit of being OK for digital work.  I’m adding both, cause that’s just how I roll. {wink}

In any case, I hope it is useful to you.

Looking forward to DS coming home from Uni in Scotland.  As ever, I’m sure I will want to wring his neck within 24 hours, but for now I am just going to enjoy the anticipation of a lovely long visit.  We have plans to see Now You See Me at the cinema next week, being he is rather into his sleight of hand magic tricks, so at least there will be a couple of hours that I am not at my wits end with him LOL!