WOYWW 214 – mag inspiration

Hello WOYWWers! Very lax today.  This should have been scheduled yesterday but there was way too much going on to get to it.

Last week when the power was out I got the current issue of Craft Stamper through the letterbox.  I did what I always do, which is have a quick flick thru it to see if anything sparks me off, but instead of putting it aside for another day, I actually had the time to try something right then and there.

The article, by Jean Beck, was about folding up paper then saturating the folded corners with Distress Stain. Unfold.  Fold, soak. Unfold.  Fold, soak, etc. all well and good but I really think that you have to let the paper dry between soakings, cause mine just tore into pieces when I tried to unfold it.  I will re-read the article with a little more attention to detail, but what I took from it the first read was the DRYING stage was only for the final step when you smudge on Distress ink to “fill the gaps”.  Quite possibly my inattention to detail, but what I had in the end was a bunch of little bits.

woyww214Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they look, but it certainly isn’t a whole-cloth sort of thing.

I did two of them, the one above and another one that used some sprays as well and some drawing ink too. That one held together better, maybe because I didn’t fold the whole thing, but did it in sections.  You can see it there to the side.

woyww214bI stuck them with gel medium to ATC bases.  Today, I’ll hope to finish them, as well as complete the Pan Pastel one from yesterday.  Then, I guess if I am going to make the darn things I should probably try to trade them.  Or maybe, as is my way, I’ll just hoard them….



Have a great WOYWW.  Off to drop of DH’s car for servicing.  He’s been using mine and it’s a right pain in the butt to be without.