Endless Summer printables for Project Life


NOTE:  If you came her from a link to these, you may like the NEW set called Spring Fling. Similar colours but more Spring-like text and additional colourways!


I’ve gotten into the habit of making a printable at some point over the weekend, and adding it Sunday, but this Sunday I was at the Newbury stamp show.  I didn’t buy a lot – it was smaller than last year – but I did stock up on nice cardstock in black, white and cream.  This year I took the time to check out the UKS sponsors prices before I went, so I knew if when buying something at the show if I was getting a good price.  Glad I did, because in a few cases I knew, even with there was P&P added on top, the priced was better online.  Anyway, my point is that by the time I got back, I had to spend the rest of the afternoon sorting the Homepage, and doing laundry.  I also have been tending to use images from The Graphics Fairy, but this week I learned a new trick in my program for adding texture and colour so had a good play with that.  The result is a sheet of printables I call Endless Summer.  Now The Endless Summer was a classic surf movie, and one I saw when I was a kid.  The 2000 Revisited version is in my queue, so the title was there before I ever started working on these. I’ve seen the ice-cream colours a few places lately, most notably on Lunch Lady Jan’s blog on her crochet blankie , so that was the colours sorted.  Yum Yum. And the text was easy too, as the colours just made them obvious.

The font is called Press Style, and I like that it looks rubber stamped, to the point you can see the background thru it. Possible best seen on Splish Splash?


I also printed the green block with no text on it so hopefully you can see the texture.  What I was going for was a plaster wall effect, sort of like the colourful  rough-plaster and painted houses I loved when in Florida.


Interesting that in all the shots above the colours are slightly different.  What can I say? Print them and see what you get with your printer.  Have fun with them!



9 thoughts on “Endless Summer printables for Project Life

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  3. OMG I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove these thank you so much making and sharing!!!!

  4. Lovely – I aim to go back on all my kids and make them an album each in kind of PL style but for their lives (aiming to get piccies off the PC) so shall start pinning some of your lovely printables. Thanks Mary Anne.

  5. I’m on vacation now, these will have a spot on my pages shortly, Thank You!

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  7. Love these beautiful colors. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the printables! I am in the middle of scrapbooking for my new grandson…..his first summer. Love the texture!

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