Endless Summer printables for Project Life

NOTE:  If you came her from a link to these, you may like the NEW set called Spring Fling. Similar colours but more Spring-like text and additional colourways!


I’ve gotten into the habit of making a printable at some point over the weekend, and adding it Sunday, but this Sunday I was at the Newbury stamp show.  I didn’t buy a lot – it was smaller than last year – but I did stock up on nice cardstock in black, white and cream.  This year I took the time to check out the UKS sponsors prices before I went, so I knew if when buying something at the show if I was getting a good price.  Glad I did, because in a few cases I knew, even with there was P&P added on top, the priced was better online.  Anyway, my point is that by the time I got back, I had to spend the rest of the afternoon sorting the Homepage, and doing laundry.  I also have been tending to use images from The Graphics Fairy, but this week I learned a new trick in my program for adding texture and colour so had a good play with that.  The result is a sheet of printables I call Endless Summer.  Now The Endless Summer was a classic surf movie, and one I saw when I was a kid.  The 2000 Revisited version is in my queue, so the title was there before I ever started working on these. I’ve seen the ice-cream colours a few places lately, most notably on Lunch Lady Jan’s blog on her crochet blankie , so that was the colours sorted.  Yum Yum. And the text was easy too, as the colours just made them obvious.

The font is called Press Style, and I like that it looks rubber stamped, to the point you can see the background thru it. Possible best seen on Splish Splash?


I also printed the green block with no text on it so hopefully you can see the texture.  What I was going for was a plaster wall effect, sort of like the colourful  rough-plaster and painted houses I loved when in Florida.


Interesting that in all the shots above the colours are slightly different.  What can I say? Print them and see what you get with your printer.  Have fun with them!