Gelli plate, Acrylic medium and Pearl-Ex


While the power as out the sun wasn’t shining, so apologies if some of the photos are a bit dark.

I had a good long experimental play session today.  I had some ideas I wanted to try, the first being additives to the acrylic medium. I did that first on the fish (the one I pointed out as having “something going on” that you couldn’t really see) where  I used silver metallic paint . While it worked well, giving a sheer soft glow, I was sure that gold would work better and that Pearl-Ex (or perfect Pearls or some other mica powder) would be better.  It was.  None of the photos will really capture the sheer-ness of the shimmer, not like I see it IRL, but maybe they will give you enough of an idea for you to have a bash.


The first thing I did was to mix up the acrylic medium with the Pearl-Ex.  I wanted a nice smooth paste, the consistency of paint, and I wanted the mica powder to be just a bit, so when the medium dried the sheer quality wouldn’t be lost.

Now, you can see I tried a few things over it, a bit like the GA video where they daub on Distress Stain and the medium acts as a resist.  The issue is the stain, ink sprays, and mica sprays all dull the shine of the powder at least a bit.  In that sense, the metallic PAINT mixed with the medium is maybe a bit better. It does still have a subtle glow to it, but you can’t really see it here.


With the little smidge left, scraped together, I could do a dimensional effect through sequin waste! You can see it there above at the far left.


I had used a sea green Pearl-ex for this one, but then I went for gold.  Oh that was fab. I think you can see it best in these shots:


You can see it slightly, but angle it and the sheer shine comes thru more:


And it’s really nice when layered over standard pulls.


I had also experimented with pulling a print on the shiny side of an old CD.  The CD grabbed a fair bit of the paint from the plate, but there was a fair bit left so I pulled that on paper.  You can clearly see the impression of the CD here.  And the CD itself is way cool – as is adding superfine glitter to the Acrylic medium, although the samples were done using a really rubbish stencil.  While you can see that it works the samples are  just not all that attractive.  Neither are some of these, to be fair, but I like the glittered effect well enough that I’d like to showcase it better.  This may end up being a multi-post day LOL!  I have a couple more things I played with that I feel might need some further experimentation and/or refining before I share.  I want to play enough that I can offer some guidelines for how to get the effects I got.

But oh I DID have fun…..

5 thoughts on “Gelli plate, Acrylic medium and Pearl-Ex

  1. superbe tuto bravo

  2. Some techniques that look fun to try as soon as I get a bit more practice – love the use of a map as the under layer….

  3. LOVE this idea! Need to try it–thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks for the CD idea. I have a few with errors, so they were useless until now :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. I love that shimmer and subtle layer look esp. on a map! Thrilled you shared this with the party!

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