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Power out all day!

I had high hopes for finding the time to sort out a scheduled post for today, as I knew in advance they would be working on the power lines and I would be without power all day.  No such luck.  I DID get my phone line sorted, and my internet is back to full strength. DH has relocated the camper van, with its mobile internet to just outside my office window so that is my desperation fall-back if I NEED the internet.

In the meantime, for your listening pleasure, I’ll share this track from Lake Street Dive.  The last time DH made me sit down and actually watch a music clip rather than emailing it to me and leaving it up to me to go look, it was The Alabama Shakes.  I like these guys as much as the Shakes.

If you like it, I’ll bet you like them doing the George Michael classic Faith. Recorded in a kitchen, the vocals sometimes get a bit lost, but it’s still a great version.

Back tomorrow, I hope, with some playtime samples.