This Week printables (Honey)

I am well and truly FED UP.  The catalog of issues I am having just keeps growing.  We got a letter thru the door yesterday to let us know that they would be working on the overhead lines ALL DAY Thursday (so no power at all), my ISP finally got back to me to say that problem was not as simple as I hoped but it was a “copper line fault” and handed over to BT Openreach to sort it.  We all know how fast (NOT) they are. Then, in mid-design, my mouse died.  I thought I was going blind, cause I just COULD NOT see the cursor anywhere.  It took entirely too long for me to realize the little light on the mouse was out.  Luckily, in this house, the computer mice slightly exceed in number the actual mice LOL! Stole one of DHs from upstairs and back to computing.

Since the connection is painfully slow, I am not doing much online.  I decided it was the perfect chance to do a tutorial for making a sunburst pattern, and having done that, making a set of printables.

There are actually three sheets, but I am adding them singly. as they will upload faster.  There is a set that says THIS WEEK, one that says THIS DAY and a blank set for journaling.  All like this.  Note that the colours work with the HONEY kit, although I made the “white” less of a stark white and more of a vanilla ice cream colour.  I might be persuaded to make a pure white version …


I think you can maybe see the difference here?


Hope you find them useful.