Those ATC backs as a PSE brush set

Right.  I have no idea if this will actually work like I hope it will – only by someone testing it out for me will I know.  Just cause it works for ME, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

What I was trying to accomplish was to create a Photoshop brush set of my recent ATC backs. I thought this would be useful.  Is it more useful than the PDF?  Not sure.  What it does allow you to do is to set the colour of the text and the little image to anything you want, using the eyedropper.  I THINK if you just install the brushes, and use them in their native setting (so don’t touch the slider to resize them) they will “stamp” at 3.5 x 2.5, as they should for ATCs.

You can see that, perhaps, here? Can you see the purple is the already stamped brush and the sort of black outline is the brush image?

brushscreenI created a bunch of .jpg files, each a different colour, then printed them on one sheet of cream cardstock. It doesn’t LOOK cream here, but it really is.



And a bit of a close up so you can see the quality of the image:



What got lost was the lines for writing on – you can see them on the cream but they are very faint.

Making the images into brushes was actually super simple, as was saving them as an .abr file.  What isn’t easy is making it downloadable from WordPress.  DOH!  I thought I remembered that a zipped file could be uploaded, but it can’t.  I’ll have to pop it on to Dropbox   and you can grab it there.  If you do, please let me know how it all works for you – does it unzip ok? When you double-click it, does PSE open and does the brush set get installed?  Does the brush set have a different name?   Is this useful at all?

Now, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the electrician has sorted out the problem we have had for at least a week with the RCD thingie in the circuit box tripping and knocking out the power to all the outlets whenever I turned off the light in the kitchen if the dishwasher was running.  Don’t ask.  I’ll know after dinner if what he did worked……



ATC backs – printables

Since I have been making a few ATCs lately, and not wanting all the backs to be the same, I created another little set for myself. The PDF has 8 backs to print, 4 portrait and 4 landscape.


The image is the Hand holding Receipt from The Graphics Fairy.  Love it.  Some fairly intense editing to get it the way I wanted it.  The font is called Connie.

As you can see, the printing and embossing on Washi Tape is not just for text! While I do love it for text, a also love the images.  I might end up doing a whole set with the GF weird text snippets.


Now, I know I have asked about the rules for numbering ATC sets of thing before, and got answers by comment, but they seemed to be of the No Firm Answer sort.  I have 4 ATCs, using fish.  My inclination would be to make them a set.  But they are not actually all that similar.

These are the two from yesterday, finished:

fishatcsThis one is the one with the story.

FHFHIf you watched the video from yesterday you will now know about Barnes & Barnes.  Half of B&B is Billy Mumy, of Lost In Space (the TV show), hence the Danger Will Robinson! comment.  Arguably B&Bs most famous tune was Fish Heads.  And I’m sure I read someplace, at some point, that it was the most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show) but have no idea where that was.  Be warned, that video has a LOT of images with no real sound until about the 2:20 point. As DH would say, it’s Challenge Level 9.

I wouldn’t call it a sing-along tune, but I have a great fondness for it. They don’t wear sweaters is a line from the song.

The other ones I am still working on, in my head.  This one I know will be called …the one that got away (which I think works with the 1/2 fish)

fishatcs3and this one I’m not sure about.  I had originally thought to use  They’re not good dancers on the blue one, so might use that:


With the ghostly Gelli print ladies, that sort of works for me. But you see what I mean.  They are a set only using the most lenient definition.

I’ll probably dither about it for a while longer, and end up not really making a decision.

I also have to say I was really surprised that so many people commented on my frame thingie.  I almost didn’t mention it cause I thought it was so obvious what it was for.  Glad I did now.


WOYWW 211 – weirdness abounds

This is just a very odd post, full of such a crazy assortment of things.

First, the desk.


You can see a big fish printed and embossed on to two strips of Washi tape – so big I can get two ATCs out of the image.

woyww211a woyww211b woyww211c

Next, something which has been repeating in my head for a while, and if you recognize it you will know how it ties in with those ATCs, or at least one of them. Feeling like I really need to do a third one so I can title it “Danger Will Robinson!” And that should be enough information  (especially if you go to YouTube to watch the video) put it all together. But if you don’t get it, I’ll explain when I share the ATC – if I finish it today!

I have such a ringing in my ears.  DS tells me that it can be caused by the constant computer noise (the fan, the disc whirring, etc) especially when you sit in front of it as much as I do.  I’ve been trying to keep some noise coming out of my computer all the time,  to try to counter-act that.  This one is my favourite. Might seem…redundant, given I live in the UK, but it doesn’t rain here EVERY DAY.  I also have a “brown noise” generator and a babbling brook, but I don’t like it as much and the rainfall.

So Happy WOYWW and see you at yours soon…


Embossed text on Washi Tape ATCs

I knew that embossing text on Washi tape was going to be a mighty handy thing but needed to have a bit of a play with a couple of ideas.

First, I’ll just mention a little tool I have been using.  Nothing new, really, but maybe it’s worth reminding people?  I simply cut a frame from a bit of mat board, the opening is perfect ATC size.  I almost never sit down to create an ATC from scratch. By that I mean I virtually ALWAYS use something I have hanging around – a Gelli Print, some arty experiment on a scrap, a mop-up paper towel or diaper wipe… this helps me to identify what part of the bit will be best to use.  Like so:


It just takes the guesswork out of it.

OK, so I did the same as I did yesterday:

  • printed first on the paper
  • added the Washi tape over it
  • dusted with some anti-static stuff (talc/cornflour)
  • printed again
  • added embossing powder
  • heat embossed

I think warming up your heat gun is best.  Don’t start it on the tape cold.  Let it run for a bit (you know your gun better than I do) then point it at the embossing powder on the tape.  If I did this, the powder melted in an instant.  Even so, I never had a problem with the tape melting or the adhesive not sticking after  or anything catching fire.  YMMV. I tried out a couple of different powders and both worked just fine. WOW powders again, Earthtone and Regular.

washiatcThe tape is repositionable with ease.  I suspect if you want it to be totally permanent you might do well to cover it with some Mod Podge or the like. If you already use Washi tape on layouts and ATCs and don’t worry about it coming unstuck, this is not going to bother you either.


I also tried doing a two-strip experiment, to see if I could make the overall area bigger.  The silver tape is very thin. Worked fine, I was able to peel it off as a single unit, but I smudged off some of the powder so didn’t get a perfect emboss.  I used the single one instead – for that I added a .png rather than a font, that quirky text from my yelling men printables using The Graphics Fairy images.

washiatc3Love the way it looks.  I did try it with white embossing powder and that worked too, but the image was simply too detailed.  I need to find my superfine white powder and try again.

washiatc4I finished both the ATCs off and here they are. I think yo can def. see that on the bottom one, the Washi tape was repositioned over the green blotch.

washiatcsI will be doing this a lot more, I know.  And I am still planning on having a play with more images rather than just text.





Print and emboss on Washi tape

I wanted to add some text to something and thought Washi tape might be the way to go.  I had never tried printing on the tape and thought it might work, but wasn’t sure.

I tried just sticking it to a piece of paper and running it thru the printer.  That worked fine, actually, till I added the embossing powder.  The powder clung to the tape.  Now, this was the worst with one particular tape, marked MT on the inside of the roll.  The unmarked ones, which I think I got from Paperchase, didn’t let the powder cling quite so much.

printembosswashi3Not ideal.  One of the anti-static bags might help, but I don’t have one.  One thing I do have hanging around on my desk is a little pot of corn starch (cornflour) that I use to neutralize the sticky on the back stickers.  I brushed that over the Washi tape before printing on it.  You can kinda see it here upper right….

printembosswashi4then I printed and added the embossing powder, and heat embossed. I think the metal embossing powders worked best – the fine, thin font with the WOW Superfine Platinum, looks really fab in real life.  The Copper (very, very old powder, by Comotion) also looked fab. The regular WOW Apple Red blended into the background of the black tape – I hoped it would really stand out but it’s rubbish so I’m not even showing it.  The embossing is perfect, but the colour is just not there.  The Earthtone Olive on the light dotty paper, worked absolutely fine  but that colour choice was not bright enough.

printembosswashi5It will be impossible to tell from the photo, but I was easily able to peel off the Washi tape and stick them all to one sheet.  See?

printembosswashi printembosswashi2The embossing doesn’t crack at all.

I think this is worth exploring more – it would be an interesting way to add a bit of text to something curved, like a bottle or a jar maybe? And although I used text, a decorative pattern or a border  would work fine.  It would certainly work with that micropore medical tape, and that could be coloured with ink pads after the embossing was done.







Fishy printables

I am having some power issues at the house lately.  We’ve lost power a few times this week, and the last time we did, bringing back the Mac was harder than it should have been.  DH is going to do another full back-up, despite the fact that as a Sunday, and Father’s day on top of that, Tech Support (he tells me) is closed.  LOL!

Looking to tidy up my disc, I found this set of printables that I had originally planned to add before Father’s day, cause I thought they might be cute as card toppers.  They are sized for Project Life at 3 x 4/4 x 3, but if you print 2 images per page then you can get the size down to 2 1/4 x just under 3 inches.  That size may be useful on a layout, for example. Actually, originally they had just the fatter fish images (this one and this one) from The Graphics Fairy, but I saw these new ones this week and had to incorporate them. I just couldn’t manage it without power.

fishplayJust a one page PDF, 5 cards.



Shine a light on… (daily printables for PL)

DD is back from her trip, quite tearful that it’s over, but being as brave as she can be. She came home with a summer cold and a suitcase full of sopping wet clothes.  Not sure if they washed them and then found there wasn’t time to dry them, or if DD decided to try to wash things herself or…. who knows?  It doesn’t matter except, as I expected the day will be taken up with sorting out the laundry. I had this little set of printables tucked away for just this sort of situation.  I think they are quite cute, and perfect for a section where you might want to focus on a particular day.





Maybe a closer look? Slightly fuzzy, but  more accurate colour-wise, at least on my monitor.

shinea2The PDF is 2 pages, every day of the week and a blank one. I edited one to add a date, and a list of things going on that day. The font is called Awesome.

shinea3Just to give you an idea how you might use them.

Me? I’m just hoping that the sun will keep shining till all the clothes are dry…… oh, and I’ve kinda lost track and not the time to check, but my recollection is they are meant to work with Yes, Please as a collection.




Weird technique – doodle on…foil??

I can’t really say what made me think to try this, and even after doing it, I’m not 100% sure that I would do it often, but it was an interesting experiment.  I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday while our power was out and while tidying away the big box of heavy weight tin foil I just thought Huh.  I wonder…

I took the foil and some nice heavy cardstock and a glue stick.


Stuck the foil to the card – just try to get a super smooth application.


Dropped on a die shape.  Doodled with a rub-on tool

foilzen3 foilzen4

Added some alcohol inks, although it looked OK plain I figured I might as well add some colour.


I made a card – and the flower is ALSO cut from foil-covered cardstock – I think it has a softer look than mirror card, and of course I can make as much of it as I want for pennies.


And just a couple of other samples, without colour:

foilsample foilsample2I rather like them, and think they might be fun for the kids to do at Christmas time.  It would be something you could do with stuff you have hanging around and just punching a hole or setting an eyelet in the top would let you hang then on a tree.  And you could even add a photo to the back, maybe a shot of them working on the ornament.

OMG!  Did I actually post a Christmas idea in JUNE??? What is wrong with me!? DOH!

Now, I have a strange sort of situation today – while killing time at the eye Dr. for DDs appointment, one of the nurses spied my quilting.  She and I had a long chat about it, and she is coming round today to look at DS’s tee-shirt quilt, with an eye towards making one for her sons.  Not what I expected when DD and I set out for the hospital, but we crafters do sometimes feel that instant common ground.  Hope she doesn’t think me an “expert” – I did TRY to tell her I am NOT, but if I can give her even a bit of help, to get her started, then it will be worth doing.


Doodle card done, for Dad – and a share from a reader!

I got that card sorted and happy with the result.  I did two things – first, I stamped the word with a Papermania alphabet then doodled inside it and cut it out.  Then I did the doodle inside the Nestie shape to create the focal point element.  Being that DH is a bit busy I know he hasn’t found time to read my blog in a while so I feel safe sharing this:

doodlecard2 doodlecard


I find Washi tape so useful to fill the gap when making an embossed background for a card when the folder isn’t big enough! I did a little pencil shading on this one and there are a couple of fab tutorials here.  I love it on the stripey curve in particular.

Now, I got a comment the other day from a reader named Beverly.  She made a couple of projects from my tutorials and I asked her to share them with me.  I wanted to share them with you so you could see that they are only ever a jumping off point for your own ideas. Here is her version of my circle tray/shelf card – she sort of combined the ideas from the original one (with the photo corners for adding a picture) and the attached butterflies from the Graphics Fairy printable one.  I think it turned out fab!  She tells me the backing butterfly is glittery embossed, which you don’t see in the photo very well:



But she didn’t stop there!  She also made a Word book.  I love the patchwork back cover so much!  I believe she said they are for her grand-daughter’s (?) birthday later in the month.




I just love getting to see how people use my stuff, so thanks so much to Bev for sharing, and for letting ME share with YOU.  I think her versions couldn’t be farther away from my samples, and I hope this gets people thinking of how they can take my basic idea and run away with it.


WOYWW 210 – ATCs and doodles

My WOYWW desk is relatively tidy this week, cause I am working on doodles and need it to be clear.  I do have my ATC binder out – you’ll see why later.




There is a little test sample of doodling in a Nestie there, but I have a new one planned. That’ll be what I am working on today.


I mentioned a day or two ago in the other sample post that I wanted to try my vinyl stencils within the Nestie shapes. Like it was something new. DOH!  I am losing my mind, clearly, because remember this? DH’s doodled iPad cover?


Yep.  Used a vinyl stencil on it.  Talked about it in great length.  In 2011.  Forgot all about it.  It was one of the same stencils I grabbed yesterday and that was the remember-trigger.


I am also planning a word with some letter stamps – I know the stamps will work as well as the stencils would, and either way they need to be hand-cut.

I wanted to showcase the ATCs from the WOYWW 4th anniversary, so here is my official swap from Sandy at Lonelycards (Australia) and it’s just so sweet – hand-painted, don’tcha know?


and one from Annette (also Australia – and mine went to Ros C in Australia) which is totally vintage and lovely.



And here they are in the page protectors, with the rest of the WOYWW ones:


From: Sandy and Annette, then Cardarian, Crafty Gashead Zo, Donna Louise, Helen (H)


From: Kyla, Fairy Thoughts Janet and Shazsilverwolf (and one random one of mine peeking in at the bottom)