Printable birthday bank – and PINK hair

So I was pretty much dead in the water as my connection is still at dial-up speed.  I am sure it will get sorted tomorrow, but for today everything is an effort.  And sharing the other connection with DD (and DH for that matter) is pretty bad.

It started out yesterday as killing time – well not really, more trying to learn a new skill.  I wanted to turn my version of Petrina’s bank template into a printable.  I had downloaded these CUTE retro kid’s birthday party images from (where else?) The Graphics Fairy, with the intention of turning them into PL cards, to go with the retro moms and retro dads I already made.  I will do, I suspect, but for now, they are here as a BOY version and a GIRL version of the little printable banks.


It goes together just the same as the original one.  The girl version has the girl in the “featured frame”


and the little grouping is the same on both


And for the BOY version, this frame and the girl one switch places. Actually, in the PDF, the coil slot is on the other side of the figure.  On the original, everything was reversed and the template was INSIDE the structure.  I had to switch it so when you stick the flaps the coin slot isn’t in the way.

printablebankboyI thought it could be fun to do with a kid – maybe you cut the coin slot.

The other task for the day was sorting out DDs pink hair.  We used a highlighting product designed to give a bright colour effect even on dark hair, and by gum and by golly, it totally worked.  DD can’t help but preen, and I can’t help but be stupidly pleased at how well it came out.




Now, we have about 6 bags of food marinating in the fridge for a massive BBQ session – that means no real cooking to be done the rest of the week.  All reheat, stir-frying, slicing over lettuce for salads, and mixing with pasta.  Easy, breezy summertime cooking.