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BIG CARD pages added…but not quite done.

Sorry email followers.  I don’t mean to SPAM you, but as I am testing things about post formats it will send you new ones.  Just ignore them.  I promise it won’t be too many more.

After a few days of no power issues, of COURSE, just as I was allowing myself to relax, the circuit blew last night after dinner.  “Magic Hour” indeed. Annoying, but more so when I brought back my Mac in that my internet connection was rubbish, and it just kept dropping thru the morning.  No support till Monday, and DH is pretty convinced they only need to reset the dslam at the exchange (which they have done before) to solve the problem for NOW.  But if the power keeps blowing, the exchange is going to keep thinking the connection is unstable and keep dropping the sped lower and lower every time.  Right now I am on DDs connection, the old Talk Talk one rather than my Spitfire one son everything is SLOWER.

New theme again – The fonts in the side bar of TwentyEleven bugged me.  This one is called Yoko, and I like it a bit better, except I thought it had a 2-column option. It does for the menu pages at the top, but thew body is 3 column only. Bah!

I am working on the BIG CARD pages.  I am loving the Gallery option for showing the images in a mosaic, but I wish it were possible to make the images a link, or add a link when they display, so if you want to read the full post you can.  I have to check and see if there is some way to make the caption a link.  Until then, I will have to add all the clicks as text.  But this is what you see on the pages for each suit.  I had forgotten some of the techniques I used, but I am sure I will revisit them soon.   I love how some of these look, if I do say so myself!