WOYWW 212 – playtime!

Hello there WOYWWers!  I am playing and playing.  My plan today is to carry on with the original idea for the pyramid thing from yesterday.  Petrina and I have been chatting via email and she is happy for me to alter the template slightly so I’ll probably give that a go first, then carry on with creating.

My desk is looking like this today – not too bad, for a change.

woyww212The one thing worth mentioning is those brush looking things on the left.  Sorry in advance for the upcoming rubbish photo.  I took it then it got dark before I uploaded it, and only then found it was blurry.

woyww212aPopped in to town with DD yesterday to sort her new glasses, and I found these in a store called The Works.  They are soft rubber tools, perfect for the Gelli plate.  I saw some at an art shop for over $20 so £2.99 is a deal.

I have a little pile of Gelli pulls on contact paper, but a couple of them I have to hide, lest someone who I don’t want to see them, sees them.


And to update – the electrician was here again yesterday, for HOURS, but he seems to have fixed the power issues – turning off the kitchen light no longer trips the circuit YAY! It’s safe to leave my Mac on. Fingers crossed .

Looking forward to desk hopping today – shopping and ice skating, as ever on a Wednesday, but I really want to see what everyone is up to!