SDC105 – a bank


It’s been a while since I ‘ve done the SDC Challenge, and 105 – anything but a card, appeals.  I probably need a few new stamps, if I am going to insist on only using the Stampotique range, despite them opening up the challenge to using any stamp.

How it came about: One of my commenters, Petrina, does the most wonderful business-card sculptures.  They are pretty freakin’ unbelievable.  Anyway, I had grabbed a template from her freebies section for a little pyramid stand thingie, with the idea that it would be a great little thing for displaying ATCs.  I had a plan, but something came up and it got pushed to one side in my head.  I did THIS instead.

SDCbank6The thing is, the template isn’t just a stand, it’s also a bank! Download it here. Having JUST had to transfer some money to DS at Uni, the idea for this project was one that I could SEE in my mind before I even started to work on it.

There were a couple of issues – first, the template is probably designed for US money.  No t sure a 50p piece or a £ coin would fit.  If I do another one, as a bank, I would alter that.  Also, I think I would make the back so it opens like a flap, to access the money.  I wouldn’t want the recipient to have to destroy it to get at the money!  One more thing, which this will explain:

The template has the little triangle cut out to create the holder for the card. But it is very thick.


 For a card, it probably works perfectly.  But I wanted a little figure. So I decorated the template with distress inks, stains, and stamping

SDCbankI punched out a bunch (like 6 or so) circles from pretty heavy cardstock.

SDCbank1I decorated one of them and made a stack – that fit fairly snuggly in the slot


Then I stamped and coloured the little figure and stuck him to the circle stack.

SDCbank5Could I find a 5p piece?  Nope.  Not even down the back of the sofa.  I DID have a dime in my US money stash, and that worked fine.

SDCbank7I took the additional step of adding a 2nd layer of cardstock to the back of the template, just to make it that little bit stronger as a bank.  Probably no need it you are doing it as a display stand or something similar.

SDCbank4So there you go! So easy, and it might be something to keep in mind for the kids and summer holidays.  If you cut the slit and the slot, they should be able to decorate and fold and stick.  Then they can bug you Gimme Gimme Gimme all summer long…..till it’s full!

bankbackI’m betting you can already guess what the “original idea” for this was…. but you’ll have to wait till I finish it.

5 thoughts on “SDC105 – a bank

  1. Great! Thanks for sharing it! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique. Magda 🙂

  2. Great project! Love how you used Twinkie! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique. XOXO

  3. This is brilliant! I love how Smile has a hold on the money too! Thanks for making this for our Stampotique challenge.x

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  5. Not sure how your mind ended up here, but so glad it did! Love this project!

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