Gelli tape and sticker paper


So I DID find my packing tape and had a bit of a play with the Gelli Arts technique.  Love it.

I like what happened.  I did the pulls then stuck one to tin foil, rubbed on Indigo Blu foiling flakes for one,  and the other stuck it to a page of one of the MANY out of date A to Zeds we have from when we lived in The Square Mile.  I must have 10 of these.


That one I made into an ATC – or at least the beginnings of one. I got around the too-small tape by leaving a bit of the page on show.


I love the foiling flakes on the back – it looks fab IRL, less so in the photo:


Either in the video or on the blog it mentions that the tape is limiting, sizewise, and you can also use clear self-lamintating sheets.  Didn’t have any of those, so I did what I often do and looked at what I DID have to see what might happen if I used that instead.  I DID have a pack of Avery Clear label sticker sheets.

What happened is the sticker sheet, which is designed to dull any glare, really took the prints down to a very matte effect.  It   dulled the colours over paper and over tin foil, made the foil look a  dull silver-gray.  Again, not sure how well the photos show this.

gellitape4Here is a close shot:

gellitape5It’s interesting, a different sort of effect, and one I think I will play around with a bit more.

But not today….today, Kool Aid hair colouring.  Well, I SAY Kool Aid.  Two of the packs (sent by my MIL when I was planning on dyeing yarn with them)  are WalMart brand so no idea if this will work at all, especially on DDs brown hair.

13 thoughts on “Gelli tape and sticker paper

  1. sublime travail c est fantastique

  2. Fantastic! Can’t wait to give this a try! Really could use a few more hours in the day…

  3. This is completely new to me. Never even heard of Gelli tape. Where can you get it?

    • There is no product called Gelli tape 🙂 That’s just what I call the results. If you watch the video you will see they use clear packing tape. I experimented with clear inkjet Avery labels (for packages – you can get them at office supply stores) BUT what they call CONTACT paper in the UK – and I think SHELF PAPER in the USA (comes on a roll, you put it in your kitchen cabinets, mostly, to keep them nice and clean) is much better if you like the shiny finish. The label stickers are too dull, I think.


      Mary Anne

  4. Oh this is a fabulous idea, so effective.

    I also like dying with kool aid…..fabric….not tried hair!

  5. if the packing taope is too limiting, and the avery labels too dulling (?) i have had wonderful results using clear shelf paper! size and dullness is no longer a problem. clear shelf paper also works great as an image transfer.

    • I wonder if what you call “shelf paper” is what I call “contact paper?” That is what I am playing with today – while it does lift the prints ok, it isn’t as sticky as the packing tape.

      I just love experimenting 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll update after I have a good long play session….


  6. Your Gelli art is beautiful. Thank you, so very much, for taking the time with the photos and video.
    Would love to know if you are going to sell them? If yes, then I want these, and I am guessing you would not part with them.

    Happy thoughts,

    • You are very kind, but the video is from Gelli arts – click on the YouTube logo to see it (and others by Gelli Arts) on YouTube. My samples are just the photos, not the video ones. Her’s are much prettier than mine! 🙂


      • Sorry I was not more clear. The video was helpful to understand the process and I was so grateful you took the time to put the link in your post.
        My very favorite was the one you made, the 2nd one in your Post. Is it for sale? Please say yes.

  7. Fabulous effect! Love it!
    Jo x

  8. Oh that’s fabulous – love how it turned out, must give this a try myself!

  9. It’s a great technique, isn’t it? I had a go at this the other day but haven’t used the pieces on a project yet, you’ve inspired me to get busy with them!

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