Gelli tape and sticker paper

So I DID find my packing tape and had a bit of a play with the Gelli Arts technique.  Love it.

I like what happened.  I did the pulls then stuck one to tin foil, rubbed on Indigo Blu foiling flakes for one,  and the other stuck it to a page of one of the MANY out of date A to Zeds we have from when we lived in The Square Mile.  I must have 10 of these.


That one I made into an ATC – or at least the beginnings of one. I got around the too-small tape by leaving a bit of the page on show.


I love the foiling flakes on the back – it looks fab IRL, less so in the photo:


Either in the video or on the blog it mentions that the tape is limiting, sizewise, and you can also use clear self-lamintating sheets.  Didn’t have any of those, so I did what I often do and looked at what I DID have to see what might happen if I used that instead.  I DID have a pack of Avery Clear label sticker sheets.

What happened is the sticker sheet, which is designed to dull any glare, really took the prints down to a very matte effect.  It   dulled the colours over paper and over tin foil, made the foil look a  dull silver-gray.  Again, not sure how well the photos show this.

gellitape4Here is a close shot:

gellitape5It’s interesting, a different sort of effect, and one I think I will play around with a bit more.

But not today….today, Kool Aid hair colouring.  Well, I SAY Kool Aid.  Two of the packs (sent by my MIL when I was planning on dyeing yarn with them)  are WalMart brand so no idea if this will work at all, especially on DDs brown hair.