ATC backs – printables


Since I have been making a few ATCs lately, and not wanting all the backs to be the same, I created another little set for myself. The PDF has 8 backs to print, 4 portrait and 4 landscape.


The image is the Hand holding Receipt from The Graphics Fairy.  Love it.  Some fairly intense editing to get it the way I wanted it.  The font is called Connie.

As you can see, the printing and embossing on Washi Tape is not just for text! While I do love it for text, a also love the images.  I might end up doing a whole set with the GF weird text snippets.


Now, I know I have asked about the rules for numbering ATC sets of thing before, and got answers by comment, but they seemed to be of the No Firm Answer sort.  I have 4 ATCs, using fish.  My inclination would be to make them a set.  But they are not actually all that similar.

These are the two from yesterday, finished:

fishatcsThis one is the one with the story.

FHFHIf you watched the video from yesterday you will now know about Barnes & Barnes.  Half of B&B is Billy Mumy, of Lost In Space (the TV show), hence the Danger Will Robinson! comment.  Arguably B&Bs most famous tune was Fish Heads.  And I’m sure I read someplace, at some point, that it was the most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show) but have no idea where that was.  Be warned, that video has a LOT of images with no real sound until about the 2:20 point. As DH would say, it’s Challenge Level 9.

I wouldn’t call it a sing-along tune, but I have a great fondness for it. They don’t wear sweaters is a line from the song.

The other ones I am still working on, in my head.  This one I know will be called …the one that got away (which I think works with the 1/2 fish)

fishatcs3and this one I’m not sure about.  I had originally thought to use  They’re not good dancers on the blue one, so might use that:


With the ghostly Gelli print ladies, that sort of works for me. But you see what I mean.  They are a set only using the most lenient definition.

I’ll probably dither about it for a while longer, and end up not really making a decision.

I also have to say I was really surprised that so many people commented on my frame thingie.  I almost didn’t mention it cause I thought it was so obvious what it was for.  Glad I did now.

9 thoughts on “ATC backs – printables

  1. Thanks for he printable ATC Backs! You have encouraged me to renew my interest in ATCS!

  2. Thank you for the printables

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  4. I definitely remember that song, but I’ve definitely never seen the video, and I think the song I remember was a different version. I’m wondering if it was remade, or if we just sang it ourselves more than actually listened to the real song, but ‘Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads, eat them up yum’, came to my mind the instant I saw your post. The rest of the song, not so much.

  5. The frame thing is a good idea. we used one in art class( long time ago) to “frame” a landscape to paint etc. Now a question? what do you do with all these ATC’s? They are fun .but???

  6. I absolutely loved the ATC backs…and I so appreciate the PDF file for them. ATCs are wonderful to make…and yours are beautiful.

  7. Thank you for the backing printables.
    I have only made 2 atc’s so far but these will come in super handy.
    As for the fish atc’s I personally would have them as a set as although not exactly alike they are similar.
    Beautiful atc’s 🙂

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