ATC backs – printables

Since I have been making a few ATCs lately, and not wanting all the backs to be the same, I created another little set for myself. The PDF has 8 backs to print, 4 portrait and 4 landscape.


The image is the Hand holding Receipt from The Graphics Fairy.  Love it.  Some fairly intense editing to get it the way I wanted it.  The font is called Connie.

As you can see, the printing and embossing on Washi Tape is not just for text! While I do love it for text, a also love the images.  I might end up doing a whole set with the GF weird text snippets.


Now, I know I have asked about the rules for numbering ATC sets of thing before, and got answers by comment, but they seemed to be of the No Firm Answer sort.  I have 4 ATCs, using fish.  My inclination would be to make them a set.  But they are not actually all that similar.

These are the two from yesterday, finished:

fishatcsThis one is the one with the story.

FHFHIf you watched the video from yesterday you will now know about Barnes & Barnes.  Half of B&B is Billy Mumy, of Lost In Space (the TV show), hence the Danger Will Robinson! comment.  Arguably B&Bs most famous tune was Fish Heads.  And I’m sure I read someplace, at some point, that it was the most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show) but have no idea where that was.  Be warned, that video has a LOT of images with no real sound until about the 2:20 point. As DH would say, it’s Challenge Level 9.

I wouldn’t call it a sing-along tune, but I have a great fondness for it. They don’t wear sweaters is a line from the song.

The other ones I am still working on, in my head.  This one I know will be called …the one that got away (which I think works with the 1/2 fish)

fishatcs3and this one I’m not sure about.  I had originally thought to use  They’re not good dancers on the blue one, so might use that:


With the ghostly Gelli print ladies, that sort of works for me. But you see what I mean.  They are a set only using the most lenient definition.

I’ll probably dither about it for a while longer, and end up not really making a decision.

I also have to say I was really surprised that so many people commented on my frame thingie.  I almost didn’t mention it cause I thought it was so obvious what it was for.  Glad I did now.