Embossed text on Washi Tape ATCs

I knew that embossing text on Washi tape was going to be a mighty handy thing but needed to have a bit of a play with a couple of ideas.

First, I’ll just mention a little tool I have been using.  Nothing new, really, but maybe it’s worth reminding people?  I simply cut a frame from a bit of mat board, the opening is perfect ATC size.  I almost never sit down to create an ATC from scratch. By that I mean I virtually ALWAYS use something I have hanging around – a Gelli Print, some arty experiment on a scrap, a mop-up paper towel or diaper wipe… this helps me to identify what part of the bit will be best to use.  Like so:


It just takes the guesswork out of it.

OK, so I did the same as I did yesterday:

  • printed first on the paper
  • added the Washi tape over it
  • dusted with some anti-static stuff (talc/cornflour)
  • printed again
  • added embossing powder
  • heat embossed

I think warming up your heat gun is best.  Don’t start it on the tape cold.  Let it run for a bit (you know your gun better than I do) then point it at the embossing powder on the tape.  If I did this, the powder melted in an instant.  Even so, I never had a problem with the tape melting or the adhesive not sticking after  or anything catching fire.  YMMV. I tried out a couple of different powders and both worked just fine. WOW powders again, Earthtone and Regular.

washiatcThe tape is repositionable with ease.  I suspect if you want it to be totally permanent you might do well to cover it with some Mod Podge or the like. If you already use Washi tape on layouts and ATCs and don’t worry about it coming unstuck, this is not going to bother you either.


I also tried doing a two-strip experiment, to see if I could make the overall area bigger.  The silver tape is very thin. Worked fine, I was able to peel it off as a single unit, but I smudged off some of the powder so didn’t get a perfect emboss.  I used the single one instead – for that I added a .png rather than a font, that quirky text from my yelling men printables using The Graphics Fairy images.

washiatc3Love the way it looks.  I did try it with white embossing powder and that worked too, but the image was simply too detailed.  I need to find my superfine white powder and try again.

washiatc4I finished both the ATCs off and here they are. I think yo can def. see that on the bottom one, the Washi tape was repositioned over the green blotch.

washiatcsI will be doing this a lot more, I know.  And I am still planning on having a play with more images rather than just text.