Print and emboss on Washi tape


I wanted to add some text to something and thought Washi tape might be the way to go.  I had never tried printing on the tape and thought it might work, but wasn’t sure.

I tried just sticking it to a piece of paper and running it thru the printer.  That worked fine, actually, till I added the embossing powder.  The powder clung to the tape.  Now, this was the worst with one particular tape, marked MT on the inside of the roll.  The unmarked ones, which I think I got from Paperchase, didn’t let the powder cling quite so much.

printembosswashi3Not ideal.  One of the anti-static bags might help, but I don’t have one.  One thing I do have hanging around on my desk is a little pot of corn starch (cornflour) that I use to neutralize the sticky on the back stickers.  I brushed that over the Washi tape before printing on it.  You can kinda see it here upper right….

printembosswashi4then I printed and added the embossing powder, and heat embossed. I think the metal embossing powders worked best – the fine, thin font with the WOW Superfine Platinum, looks really fab in real life.  The Copper (very, very old powder, by Comotion) also looked fab. The regular WOW Apple Red blended into the background of the black tape – I hoped it would really stand out but it’s rubbish so I’m not even showing it.  The embossing is perfect, but the colour is just not there.  The Earthtone Olive on the light dotty paper, worked absolutely fine  but that colour choice was not bright enough.

printembosswashi5It will be impossible to tell from the photo, but I was easily able to peel off the Washi tape and stick them all to one sheet.  See?

printembosswashi printembosswashi2The embossing doesn’t crack at all.

I think this is worth exploring more – it would be an interesting way to add a bit of text to something curved, like a bottle or a jar maybe? And although I used text, a decorative pattern or a border  would work fine.  It would certainly work with that micropore medical tape, and that could be coloured with ink pads after the embossing was done.







5 thoughts on “Print and emboss on Washi tape

  1. In Kyoto I saw a machine that was priting on washi tape (but not the mt brand) it was quite small so I wanted to get it but it only printed on one sort of paper that I wasn’t sure to get once back home.
    I like the metallic effect it gives in your picture.

    • I wonder – I did a post AGES ago about covering a bit of Dymo or MoTex tape with washi tape then putting it into the machine to emboss it. They do have printed label makers too so it makes me think – could it have been a variation on that? Interesting…..

      DH is off to Tokyo/Nagoya in a month or two. He always comes home with interesting things. Might have to have him keep an eye out. And remind him I need a tiny light-up mouse or two…


  2. You can emboss printer ink?? I had no idea. How do you line up to print on tape?

    • I print first on plain paper, then stick the tape over that and put that sheet back into the printer and print again onto the tape.

      It may depend on your printer. My old Epson, the ink dried too fast to get the embossing powder on. An HP from years back, I could emboss easily. This printer is a Canon and setting it to print on “matte cardstock” works best.



  3. There’s this nice lady called Thefrugalcrafter (on Youtube), she sewed some cornstarch into a bag and made an embossing pouch.. it was an awesome idea.. and great for clutz’s like me who spill things hehe 🙂 She does what’s on your workdesk too, which I always find fascinating 🙂

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