Shine a light on… (daily printables for PL)

DD is back from her trip, quite tearful that it’s over, but being as brave as she can be. She came home with a summer cold and a suitcase full of sopping wet clothes.  Not sure if they washed them and then found there wasn’t time to dry them, or if DD decided to try to wash things herself or…. who knows?  It doesn’t matter except, as I expected the day will be taken up with sorting out the laundry. I had this little set of printables tucked away for just this sort of situation.  I think they are quite cute, and perfect for a section where you might want to focus on a particular day.





Maybe a closer look? Slightly fuzzy, but  more accurate colour-wise, at least on my monitor.

shinea2The PDF is 2 pages, every day of the week and a blank one. I edited one to add a date, and a list of things going on that day. The font is called Awesome.

shinea3Just to give you an idea how you might use them.

Me? I’m just hoping that the sun will keep shining till all the clothes are dry…… oh, and I’ve kinda lost track and not the time to check, but my recollection is they are meant to work with Yes, Please as a collection.