Weird technique – doodle on…foil??

I can’t really say what made me think to try this, and even after doing it, I’m not 100% sure that I would do it often, but it was an interesting experiment.  I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday while our power was out and while tidying away the big box of heavy weight tin foil I just thought Huh.  I wonder…

I took the foil and some nice heavy cardstock and a glue stick.


Stuck the foil to the card – just try to get a super smooth application.


Dropped on a die shape.  Doodled with a rub-on tool

foilzen3 foilzen4

Added some alcohol inks, although it looked OK plain I figured I might as well add some colour.


I made a card – and the flower is ALSO cut from foil-covered cardstock – I think it has a softer look than mirror card, and of course I can make as much of it as I want for pennies.


And just a couple of other samples, without colour:

foilsample foilsample2I rather like them, and think they might be fun for the kids to do at Christmas time.  It would be something you could do with stuff you have hanging around and just punching a hole or setting an eyelet in the top would let you hang then on a tree.  And you could even add a photo to the back, maybe a shot of them working on the ornament.

OMG!  Did I actually post a Christmas idea in JUNE??? What is wrong with me!? DOH!

Now, I have a strange sort of situation today – while killing time at the eye Dr. for DDs appointment, one of the nurses spied my quilting.  She and I had a long chat about it, and she is coming round today to look at DS’s tee-shirt quilt, with an eye towards making one for her sons.  Not what I expected when DD and I set out for the hospital, but we crafters do sometimes feel that instant common ground.  Hope she doesn’t think me an “expert” – I did TRY to tell her I am NOT, but if I can give her even a bit of help, to get her started, then it will be worth doing.