Retro Dad printables

Been so sidetracked by chores, and what little play time I did have seemed to be eaten up by the Stamping gears posts, I almost neglected to add this little set of printables, retro, with a DAD theme.  I think of them as a companion to the retro Ladies I did a while back.

These images, like the Ladies, all came from The Graphics Fairy. Pretty sure they are all in the Retro category here.


dadcards They are coloured to coordinate with Honey, although I know if I print them standard, rather than photo quality, the colours are totally different.  The PDF  has these four in this orientation, and an extra no-text blue one, then these four in horizontal orientation, and an extra dining-couple one, with no text.  There are two slightly different backgrounds on Advice from Dad – I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  I’m hoping that the location and shape of the text bits, perhaps with the exception of the speech bubble, will allow you to alter them with your own text, as you prefer.  Have fun with them.