Me and You, You and Me minibook

I managed to finish up the mini yesterday, so can finally share it.  You can go back here to see more about the construction of the base and here about the slicing of the photos.


The size is about 3.5 x 6.5. Opened up, it has two “sides”:



The main “embellishments” are the printed text (BodoblackSquares) which is the song from Grease We Go Together. Much of it is nonsense ( a wop ba ba lu mop and wop bam boom) so the odd font is not really an issue.  The bits that matter are readable and decorative and for me, work well with the old SEI papers.


I opted to stick the covers all on one side (if you recall from the construction post I had thought to set them one to one side, one to the other, as I was planning it as a double-sided thing, one side for DS, one for DD. While it is still blue one side and pink the other, it isn’t so clear cut that one side is HIM and one HER.  There are similar photos duplicated so trying to arrange it “fairly” didn’t seem so important.

Just a more close-up view of one page – shame I had to cut out DH to make it fit, but at least he is there on the flip-side!



One thing I have to say is I am already fed up with Safari.  I was gutted when DH sent me the announcement that Camino was no longer being supported, but bit the bullet and took more than a day to get Safari set up so I could stand to use it. HA! Every day I find something that makes me want to scream in rage and frustration, from how Bookmarks are handled (Camino had the BEST handling of Bookmarks EVER and why I started using it originally) to how my WordPress editor behaves.  It simply will not let me compose a post, insert a picture, then add more text.  The text will only ever appear above the photo.  It’s driving me mad.  The only solution is to compose the whole post then try to add the photos in between the blocks of text.  Since Camino was built on Mozilla-bones, perhaps going for Firefox might have been better, but at this point trying to sort out another browser is just not something I have the time to tackle.   Combine that frustration with the most THUMPING headache due to my 2nd try at new glasses still not being right, and it’s amazing I can manage to do anything more than lay on the sofa and weep. At least my stamping gears thingie doesn’t require glasses to use…..