WOYWW 209 – back at it.

Having cleared my desk of all the cardmaking that sidetracked me, I am back at my split-photo mini-book and anxious to make progress, Life is conspiring against me – DH is off to meet an old colleague in London for dinner so skating is down to me – as is shopping for a Disco and Prom outfit for DD and acquiring the last few items required for her upcoming PGL trip.  The cupboards are once again bare, as I did only a brief shop on the way back from the WOYWW crop so DH could BBQ a pile o’ meat on Sunday and we have been happily making that do (mostly in the form of salads) since then.  So while I have the best will in the world, I fear I may not make as much progress as I need to!  I also have not managed to get to the post office yet – hoping I can sort that tomorrow too.

So my desk is looking a bit like a flash-back.  But that is the way of it sometimes.  If I don’t manage it during the week I do have the Ludgershall crop upcoming, so there is hope it won’t drag on another week.

I have managed to collect up a few embellishments but darn it if I don’t keep changing my mind!


Hoping your WOYWW is full of lovely crafting…