Printable Shelf card and WOYWW Crop

This grew out of a chat with Julia at the WOYWW crop yesterday – just a spark of an idea as I was showing her the Happy Birthday one from last week, and chatting about workshops.  That is often how it goes.  I’ll lead off with a shot of the card:


I used a few  Graphics Fairy images: the butterfly stack, butterflies and moths One, Two and Three, and the Rose wreath. The site seems to have change and for some reason the images were not showing (some of them, different ones each time I went to the main site and clicked on the categories, but I’ve recently read my browser is no longer being updated so expect it’s a problem on my end.  But it meant I couldn’t see the small preview images and my selected images were from the ones I could see – do feel free to grab some different images from TGF and print them if there are other you like better than my choices!

Now, when I first made the PDF of this, due to all the graphics, it was 27 MB.  Massive.  I did the Quartz filter PDF reduction that I have spoken about before, printed one of the pages, and I can honestly see no significant loss of print quality so the 3.4 MB PDF is the one I am adding for download here. Do make sure you print it at photo quality and if you do it should be fine.

There are loads of options for what you will get in the PDF.  And what will you get?

  • the base template with the central panel printed right on it
  • a blank base template

The base with the butterfly stack will print so you can simply cut it out and fold it.  My sample has just the central panel decorated, the other three are blank.  The thin grey lines are not hugely noticeable doing it this way, but you CAN see them.  A little smudge of Distress Ink will hide them and they ARE only at the BACK of the card, so …

If that irks you, then feel free to print the BLANK base.  Score and crease it so the lines are INSIDE once the base is folded.  Use one (or all four) of the printed panels to cover the “front”.  OR use the print as a template to cut the base from coloured cardstock, then add one or more of the panels.


  • 1 sheet with the shelves and a single panel

For the shelves, there are two circles showing the squares you need to cut.  Print them on HEAVY cardstock.  Cut them, then cut another slightly larger circle to mat.


I usually cut the square from the printed circle FIRST, as cutting thru multiple layers will make your cuts less precise.

printshelf2 printshelf3 You will also get:

  • 1 sheet with extra panels to print and cut (there are 4 total) and a selection of butterflies/moths

I cut the butterflies out and used them to decorate the edges of the shelves.

  • 1 sheet with circles for the display topper and sentiments to punch

This sheet has both a plain beige-y circle and a slightly smaller floral circle.  You can print the floral circle, mat it, then add one of the punched sentiment circles like so:

printshelf5You can also stamp a small sentiment right in the printed floral circle (there is enough room in the middle) OR you can stamp on another piece and layer it over the circle OR you can print the plain circle and stamp and/or layer LOTS of stuff.  Just keep the bottom centre clear so it can slip into the slits (look at the top photo again and you will see what I mean!)

I see no reason you couldn’t use the smaller floral circle as the B shelf if you want to be VERY floral.  Just print that page more than once.

I may do another more colourful and modern version of this if there is interest

blogdividerI had the most marvelous time at the WOYWW crop yesterday!

Ran in to Fairy Thoughts Janet  on the train platform and talked her ear off the whole trip to the other side.  Poor thing! Made Morti a button flower for her bridal bouquet, met Fergus in the flesh, and slipped sideways glances at Kyla and Donna, who were both doing fab work beside me.  Loved Kyla’s glue-gun molding.  Handed over my three LillyBo quilts for Donna to deliver to Jo.  Saw H (on the table rather than the floor this year!) and informed her she was not allowed to highlight on her blog any new purchases!  She is seriously hurting my wallet every week.  I’m strong, but not that strong…. Had brief chats with Cardarian (not long enough, considering the distance she came!) and Shazsilverwolf and was lucky to see both Shaz and CraftygasheadZo doing lovely colouring in with markers. Had an outstanding lunch (they don’t call her Lunch Lady Jan for no good reason!)  I know I missed out on really chatting to at least a few people, and probably am forgetting a few I did chat to, but that’s always the way at crops.  I got so much hand quilting done, that I feel sure I will finish the dotty and circles quilt very soon!  Phew.

So thanks as ever to the lovely Julia for sorting it all out.  I wish EVERYONE could have been there, but then no-one would have actually gotten anything done!