2014 pretty calendar – reuse plus new

I have folder full of the working files for all my printables.  I find that for my use especially, I often want to alter them slightly (change the size, change the colour, etc) and it is far easier to use the raw info than to re-make something or edit the PDF.

Anyway, I was thinking on that fact, and it got me thinking about using things I had to hand to create something new, rather than altered, and how easy it might be.  So I opened a handful of things – my file I call MONTH MASTER, that contains every possible combo of calendar month layouts. This is less than it sounds LOL! – remember I’ve said before that there are only 7 possible arrangements, one with the month beginning on each day of the week. I make them with 1 to 31, with 00 filling each empty space in the grid, then delete the days as needed for, say February. I allowed myself one new thing, so went to The Graphics Fairy to look for something new.  I wanted a round frame that was very ornate.   I found one I really liked, from back in 2010, but it was oval.  Humm..

I thought I knew I wanted to use the circular month idea. The first thing I did was test that.  After editing the graphic to remove the background, and filling in any areas that needed it (I think you can kinds see the pen circles – in those areas the background was showing thru so I just had to fill them in) I tried just setting the size without constraining the proportions.  It was OK, but it def. LOOKED stretched.

stretchedMaybe more so here? It seems almost … melting,  IYKWIM!

stretched2I’d be interested in opinions – I decided against using it stretched, but should I have carried on?

What I DID do was reuse the backgrounds from the printables, and the new graphic, and the Month Master blocks, and came up with this:

2014calendarPretty Grungy 2014 CD case calendar PDF.

It took me about 90 minutes, but much of that was wasted in fiddling with the graphic and checking out other font choices.  But putting it all together from the core elements was actually pretty quick, and more click-copy-centre-layer blah blah blah 12 times.

Anyway, that’s me for Sunday.  How sad is it that the sun is shining and the breeze mild, and all I am thinking about it getting the laundry out on the line?  DOH!