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6×4 Days of the week (Sea Foam coordinating)

This one WAS a struggle.  I found a really cool (what I thought was a) font called MOOD TYPE. It wasn’t till I started working with it that I found this little bit of info:

Note: This is an eps font for display font purposes only, at the moment. There are no PostScript or OpenType versions available.

What that means is it doesn’t act like a font.  I opened the .eps file and had to convert it to a PDF for editing, then un-group it and re-group each letter to include all the parts (like the O, which consisted of the surrounding circle and the little X in the middle)  then create the words using all the aligning tools and spacing tools.

I coloured them to match Sea Foam, and placed them on a 6×4 gridded background.  I went with that size because over the last week or so I have seen more than one comment on various PL posts complaining that there are not enough cards in that size – I guess that goes for both printables as well as the for-purchase PL kits.

They only fit two to a page so it’s a 4 page PDF – here is a sample:


The last page has only the Saturday card on it, but includes all the day-words, like so:


Why, you ask? well I wanted to revisit something I’ve done before that I still think is both cute and useful.  If you cut the words as strips, they can be added to blank areas of your photos, if you aren’t keen to waste a slot in your divided protector:

SFgridsThey can be wrapped and stuck at the back for portrait orientation, but will need to be stuck to the front of the photo and trimmed at the sides if you want them to cross a landscape oriented photo.

And just a little trick for you now.  I was a little frustrated because my guillotine trimmer only goes up to 5 inches.  I seem to need to cut 6 inches a LOT, and I hate having to drag out my larger trimmer to do that.  So I cut a piece of matt board and stuck it to the top, away from the actual cutting area. Like so:

6trimmer2I measured it from the blade, so it is exactly 6 inches.  If I am careful lining up, I can now use my smaller trimmer to cut 6 inches!

6trimmerAs you can see it doesn’t increase the size of the trimmer hardly at all and as it is stuck quite securely, I am not worried about it coming loose if I take it in my crop bag, for example. Cost me nothing and has totally increased the usefulness of my tool.

Have fun with them – hope you find them useful!