WOYWW 207 – re-org….


WOYWWers, bear with me, the desk shot is coming….

I mentioned last week that I was sorting out.  I am very pleased with how it ended up.  I was able to group things in “zones, so all my stamps and card-y sort of things are in one area, all my arty-farty painty and inky bits in another, and all my scrappy papery things in a third.  All my books and mags and DVDs an manuals are on two new bookshelves OUTSIDE of my room, freeing up LOADS of space.  A third bookshelf has replaced the very thin one I had on top of a small table –  you see, I just KNEW (confirmed by using an actual tape measure – I’m not STUPID!) that the thin bookshelf would fit in what used to be the most useless and frankly messiest spot in the whole room, a catchall for rubbish and haphazard piles of forever-toppling things.  Where might that be, you ask?

WOYWW207b WOYWW207cYep.  Behind the door!

I will share one other organizational doohicky with you before I get to my desk – They are there on top of the drawer units.  I have a LOAD of those little trays, with the locking lids – can’t for the life of me recall the make, but they come in little tote-bags that hold maybe six.  I hated keeping them in the totes so had, for a long time, just stacked them up.  I found some brochure holders in the garage, I think originally I had stickers in them, and lo’ they fit the boxes perfectly.  As the boxes are a bit organized (like all gold things, brads, eyelets, those prong-backed things, etc in one, all silver in another etc.) the display shows enough of them that I can see immediately which one to pull out.

WOYWW207d WOYWW207eI have a couple more of these that I now have all my Nesties in.

My desk, finally:

Another thing I unearthed is the Photo jojo book.


I had shoved a bookmark in the page marking how to make a fish-eye lens with an old pair of glasses.  Now, I am not sure I am actually using the right prescription – these just happened to be kicking around and one lens was missing.  I think they were DDs from 8 years or more ago.  Anyway I am hoping to get to the £ store to get a pair of super-strength reading glasses as they recommend for cheap and try again, because the effect with these was pretty mild – to the point that I see no reason to add the photo, it’s so imperceptible.  But I flipped them the OTHER way around and got this sort of concave image.  You can see the curving on the lines of the cutting mat.

WOYWW207aWeird, humm?  Might be something to play with a bit more…..

I have another project on my desk, but it’s giving me a bit of agita, as my Italian Grandpop used to say.  Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have it sorted.  Unless I get too caught up in YOUR desk, I lose track of time…..



32 thoughts on “WOYWW 207 – re-org….

  1. Always worth popping by your desk Mary Anne – I love it! Plenty of good storage ideas this week and now photgraphy tips too. Does the lens thing work on digital SLRs as well as regular?

    Thanks for stopping by….

  2. Hi Mary Anne – I love your boxes that store all your little embellishments – I never seem to have enough… happy WOYWW [Friday cheat – I am a bit slow lol] Mxx #169

  3. I love all your little storage boxes.

  4. G’day Mary Anne
    Getting slowly to a few more desks this evening even though its now Thursday. OMG your room is well sorted…can you come and sort mine now LOL…what a cool thing with the lense.
    Annette In Oz #4

  5. Hi Mary Ann! Today is my first day at WOYWW! I’m loving seeing everyone’s work area and you have got organization really working for you. Great job! #139 Robin

  6. Hi MA wow super duper organised this week love all the little drawers they are so useful.
    the fish eye is so cool i’m off to poundland again …..
    have agood week looking forward to the ATC’s next week
    janet #18

  7. I too love to reorganize, trouble is I always forget where I’ve reorganized my stuff to lol. Glad your shelf fitted, don’t you just love it when a plan works.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #132

  8. I love to reorganize…love the fact that that set of shelves fitted…tight squeeze!

  9. When I read your comment on my blog I had to laugh. You need to finish that purse!!! tee hee. Imagine that we used the same color scheme!

    That photo is amazing. I’ll be rushing out to buy the strongest pair of cheap readers I can find. I swear the washi tape was moving!!!!

    Thanks for visiting me already.
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (6)

  10. Great idea with the boxes I never know what I have in the bottom one, and always have to take then down to find out. Have a great cratfy week
    HaPpY WoYwW!?!
    ((Lyn)) #55

  11. I love the display stand idea for storing boxes and the rest of your storage is fab. Can you get storage envy?!! Happy WOYWW. Pam#20

  12. I have so much trouble with WordPress, trying again to comment. Sorry if I don’t. Look forward to hearing about the fish eye when you try it again. Sounds mega interesting.
    Great storage – lovely and tidy.

  13. Gosh, you have been busy, it all looks super organised now.

    Happy WOYWW Susi #58

  14. Wow, there’s organisation for you, it must be that kind of week as we’re trying to do the same right now and wishing we’d never started!

    Waving hi from the bears @ # 90 this week

  15. I love that concave lens much clarity in the middle, fuzzing out….pretty much how I see the world!! Great re-purposing of the magazine holders, brilliant spark of an idea. I’d like a couple months off to go through and properly get a grip of my room. Hmmm, may be too late for that ater all this time of not really working!!

  16. Great organisation here!

  17. Now I’m feeling guilty at having such an untidy workspace! I REALLY need to clear the spare room but I love crafting in my conservatory so I’m keep putting it off 😦 Loving the ‘fish eye’ effect ~ I will definitely be trying that ~ I need some new $1 glasses so now I need 2 pairs !LOL
    Happy WOYWW
    Karen #79

  18. Hi Mary Ann
    wow you have been such a busy bee and I bet you are a buzzing with pride at how it all looks and so you should, it’s looking good girl. Just think now when you get crafting everything is at your finger tips and you may even have found stuff you had forgotten about, great job
    Sending hugs on this WOYWW have a great day
    Ria #24

  19. Just realized I’ve forgotten to leave my number on all the comments I made so far – stupid stupid me #58

  20. Whew, That’s organized and I love the fish-eye lens effect. I have a mirror that does that above the table where I craft. I’m intrigued to know how you’re going to use the fish-eye effect. Have a great day xxx

  21. Thanks for sharing your idea with the brochure holders. I already have my embellishments sorted like you in those containers but have them stacked in a drawer. I like the way they’re easy to see and find in the brochure holders. I might have to pick some up next time I’m at the stationery store.
    Cool effect with the lens. I look forward to seeing more of your tests in the future.

  22. Ha!! Well, that’s a clever effect you achieved with an old lens! You do feature some interesting (and oddball…) things on your desk. We never know what you’re going to do next…and that’s the fun part about it!
    Looking forward to seeing you next week 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 40 xxxx

  23. I love your organisational skills – can I borrow them? the towers of storage boxes is fabulous. I need them… and room to stack them… which is usually the major problem. Love the idea with the lens, that is great. Have a lovely week, see you soon. Helen, 5

  24. Wow you so many stuff you can open your own craft store if you wanted! lol But hooray for tidy spaces!
    Thanks for the peek! Happy WOYWW. xx
    Roudi #34

  25. Hullo there Maryanne,
    A great TIDY space today! Mm just tad jealous… and wow know we know how fish see after all…maybe 😀 love all your organisation ideas, am going to re-do mine one day too.. one step at a a time..
    Thanks so much for for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #24

  26. So tidy..heavenly !I dream of this tidy!

  27. Oh my, you have been busy! Love to see it all organised and arranged beautifully… mine start out that way and then when I have a creative session it all gets pulled out until the next tidy up session! Annette #23

  28. What a clever way to store your little bits and bobs. I’m super impressed. And I like the idea of the fish eye, too. Maybe my eye glasses would work (grin). Actually, I’m near sighted and, if I recall correctly, you need just the opposite for the fish eye to work.

    Happy WOYWW from #10.

  29. Wow you have a lot of stuff!! But wonderful stuff and I am jealous lol! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #17

  30. What a clear up you have had so many neat and tidy boxs ….well done

  31. That is a lot of storage but well organised. that is a funny concave look, how did you get that picture?
    Bridget #8

    • LOL! Without a 2nd camera it would be impossible to SHOW you 🙂 Basically you need the strongest lens you can get for FARSIGHTED vision and you just tape it over the lens of the camera (for an SLR) then take the photo thru it. Or you can use a peephole (like for security on your door) for point and shoot cameras.


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