WOYWW 207 – re-org….

WOYWWers, bear with me, the desk shot is coming….

I mentioned last week that I was sorting out.  I am very pleased with how it ended up.  I was able to group things in “zones, so all my stamps and card-y sort of things are in one area, all my arty-farty painty and inky bits in another, and all my scrappy papery things in a third.  All my books and mags and DVDs an manuals are on two new bookshelves OUTSIDE of my room, freeing up LOADS of space.  A third bookshelf has replaced the very thin one I had on top of a small table –  you see, I just KNEW (confirmed by using an actual tape measure – I’m not STUPID!) that the thin bookshelf would fit in what used to be the most useless and frankly messiest spot in the whole room, a catchall for rubbish and haphazard piles of forever-toppling things.  Where might that be, you ask?

WOYWW207b WOYWW207cYep.  Behind the door!

I will share one other organizational doohicky with you before I get to my desk – They are there on top of the drawer units.  I have a LOAD of those little trays, with the locking lids – can’t for the life of me recall the make, but they come in little tote-bags that hold maybe six.  I hated keeping them in the totes so had, for a long time, just stacked them up.  I found some brochure holders in the garage, I think originally I had stickers in them, and lo’ they fit the boxes perfectly.  As the boxes are a bit organized (like all gold things, brads, eyelets, those prong-backed things, etc in one, all silver in another etc.) the display shows enough of them that I can see immediately which one to pull out.

WOYWW207d WOYWW207eI have a couple more of these that I now have all my Nesties in.

My desk, finally:

Another thing I unearthed is the Photo jojo book.


I had shoved a bookmark in the page marking how to make a fish-eye lens with an old pair of glasses.  Now, I am not sure I am actually using the right prescription – these just happened to be kicking around and one lens was missing.  I think they were DDs from 8 years or more ago.  Anyway I am hoping to get to the £ store to get a pair of super-strength reading glasses as they recommend for cheap and try again, because the effect with these was pretty mild – to the point that I see no reason to add the photo, it’s so imperceptible.  But I flipped them the OTHER way around and got this sort of concave image.  You can see the curving on the lines of the cutting mat.

WOYWW207aWeird, humm?  Might be something to play with a bit more…..

I have another project on my desk, but it’s giving me a bit of agita, as my Italian Grandpop used to say.  Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have it sorted.  Unless I get too caught up in YOUR desk, I lose track of time…..