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Fat Number Printables redone – Sea foam matching

I don’t know what I didn’t think to do this ages ago.  Well, that isn’t strictly speaking true.  I DID think of it, and even blogged about how to do it (or at least one easy way) here, but I just didn’t follow through for my PL printables.  Silly, really, as it is so simple to make them match a collection.

So I took a collection that I like quite a lot (the Sea Foam collection), and changed my Fat Numbers set to match.  Perhaps it wasn’t the BEST one to pick, in that there are really not enough different colours (not like Cobalt, for example, which has more than enough choices) but summer is coming (I hope) and I am hoping for sun, sea and sand at some point.  There is also a yellow to make 6 unique colours.  I could have done one black and one white, as there are items in the collection that are B&W, but decided against it. What do you think?

FatSFmatchThe PDF has 0 – 9 – that is a change from the original, which was just 1 – 9.

I think I will look to the most recent collections when making future printables.  I know that PL is all a bit of this&that, and most people probably don’t make a great effort to really Match things totally, but it feels like having anything I make tone with the official collections might be worth doing.  Yes?