Odd YELLING men Printables


OK, it seems like Sunday has become a printables day for me.  And these, once again from The Graphics Fairy image collection, use a couple of things that really struck my fancy.  First, she posted these oddball bit of quirky antique text – they are very strange indeed, phrases that don’t immediately conjure up something specific, but that could actually be used for a few different things. There have been two posts on this, the first post is linked THERE  from the one I’ve linked HERE. Next, I had downloaded a couple of little yelling men images.  I had one open-mouthed man who came in some sort of collage pack and I came across it while tidying up my chaotic room.  See him eating the word ART?

artcalendarI just loved him, and at the time I made this piece I went on a hunt for similar images – I found the GF ones (sorry, adding the link to the ODD category) and downloaded them, but never used them.  They have been lurking on my Mac for ages, just waiting for inspiration. When I saw the piece again, it all just came together in my head and I HAD to make something.

yellingmenHere is a list of some of the ways I think they could be used – do feel free to add a comment with YOUR ideas.  I’d love to hear them! And I think you could easily print and cut any text and add it over the ones here – I’ve tried to leave enough room around the text that it won’t be a struggle or too tight a fit! They could also be used on a scrapbook page, although I would maybe resize them to more 2 x 3-ish rather than 3 x 4.

Independent Barbarians:

  • Kids running wild
  • Halloween costumed kids
  • Men doing something odd – they do a lot of odd things so use your imagination LOL!

Cackle, Blab and Rattletrap:

  • Perfect for Hen nights
  • Any gathering of women – a crop even!
  • Little girls chatting
  • Anyone on the phone or perhaps even at a computer
  • Witch costumes

Queer Artistic Notions:

  • Any photo of crafting
  • Kids artwork

Ridiculous Airy Illusions:

  • Anyone dressed up smart/elegant
  • Teens ready for Prom
  • Magician Costumed kids

Here is the PDF – I’ll find it really interesting to see how many people share my love of this sort of quirky image and oddball text!

6 thoughts on “Odd YELLING men Printables

  1. Okay, I’m totally using these to do a page about this year’s absolutely ridiculous election season; I’m sure you’ve looked at the mudslinging and shuddered, too — and probably been quite glad you’re across the pond and not having to deal with the nonsense circus on every news outlet.

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  3. Hhaha love these 😀

  4. Oh, these are wonderful, they’re right up my alley, since I’m a bit quirky myself! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. I like printables since I’m terrible at coloring. I’ll have to check these out. Thanks!

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