A little more on the Display Stand card

I made another of these cards, refining the process, like I tend to do.


Really happy with this one.  I also made a little YouTube slide show for it.  I added a better way to make the flap for the surrounding card to house the bits if you want to mail it.

I’m going to make this bit a PDF and incorporate it into the original, if I can but today (and tomorrow, and Monday) is all about the room tidy and re-org.  I got 3 additional bookshelves, AND managed to figure out (much to my DH’s dismay, as it requires some shifting of large, heavy pieces of furniture LOL!) where to put them.  It will allow me to group all my stamps in one area of my room, and shift all my magazines and books, and to organize those for ease of finding.  That has to happen quickly as we have a visitor coming n Tuesday and at the moment the whole downstairs is a bit of a tip.   But let me lay out the process for you with photos:

Working with an 8 x 6 card blank, and I am working portrait, but you can switch it up and work Landscape it you want, start with at least an 8 x 12 bit of patterned cardstock.

Mark 3 inches from the bottom and cut it across just to the 8″ mark – it will look like an L:



Stick the left to the front of the card to cover it, with the side extending out past the opening edge. Score and fold the flap, wrapping around just the front of the card, to the inside.


Trim off a bit from the short section, so it is about 1/2 inch from the fold.  I like to round just the top right corner.


Add double-sided tape along the bottom edge of the flap and secure it.  This creates your pocket.

theflap5 theflap6Now you can slip the card bits into the flap!

theflap7Have fun with it!

I’ll sort the PDF and add it here, as well as replace the original – to be honest, I’m not sure how the page breaks will happen so it may end up a bit odd when I insert the additional pages, but I’ll try to annotate it so it makes sense.

Wait for it…..

Circle Tray Display Card – instructions, improved card with flap, and template all in one PDF

OK, I THINK it works.  It may be a bit odd where I inserted the info, but it is all there.  I also added the template so everything you need is in one place.  Phew.  Now, off to the cleaning…