WOYWW 206 – more of the same

Hello you WOYWW-ers! I’ll be hanging on the phone trying to book DDs Challengers events today, while doing my visits so may not actually get to what’s on my desk till much later.  It’s more of the same, really.  I mentioned that the project from yesterday grew, sort of, from the thought of the new baby card I need to make for DDs bus escort.  She’s been with us for many years now, and in July, when DD moves on to her Foundation Learning course at the local college, it will be the end of an era, really.  So I need to get that card finished so I can give it to her for her Grand-daughter (due in October) because I won’t be seeing her every day anymore.  Very sad for us all, I think.  But what is on my desk is the beginnings of that, in the same style as Madman Drummers.

woyww206Lucky I asked, because the Mom-to-be apparently dislikes PINK and is having a girl.  Oh dear.  Back to an old Basic Grey collection that has a touch of pink but not so much that I would expect anyone to object to it.  I may make a feature of the GIRL journaling card that is just hidden by the circles, not sure yet.

I also plan on a good long look at the disc from the book, to make sure I print any of the files that I think may be potential jumping off points for future projects before I have to return it.  I wonder if it’s still in print…..