SDC99 – some assembly required?

There is so much back story to this one LOL! But I won’t make you read it before showing you the project, for  SDC99 – Summertime:


First, I went to the library and stumbled on this book:

sdc99summerIt is full of interesting packaging items, from boxes and bags to displays and folders.  It comes with a disk of .eps files.

I opened up the file from the disk (yes, I KNOW – a library copy, checked out by who knows how many people, and the disk was not scratched!) in Intaglio.  I converted it to a PDF for Editing (which breaks apart the bits) and re-grouped them as I wanted them.  Then I copied over the base into a new file, and scaled it up 300% (which made it fit an A4 sheet.


I did the same with the circles, more so I had the exact size of the center cuts than because I can’t manage to cut a circle! Now the nifty thing – I can save the Intaglio file as an .svg.


And THAT means I can open and cut it using SCAL.

baseinscalWhich would be fine if I had a bigger machine than the baby bug.  So in the end to make full use of ALL the A4 sheet I cut it by hand.  I did all the decoration and assembled it for the photo, but it breaks down flat if you want it to:

sdc99summer2This project came about due to a collision of a lot of things.

  • Obviously, finding the book
  • then needing to make a special new baby card – I had the idea I could use the structure from the book to make the card, but make it so the slot in the top could hold a photo or the birth announcement.
  • but then Blinded By the Light (the Springsteen version NOT Manfred Mann – please!) came up on my iPod in the car – followed within a song or two by Madman Mora Blues by Boiled in Lead – Madmen being the link… but I digress…
  • and DS is a drummer, due home for a summer visit, and I just KNOW he will want to get in to the garage and drum, long and loud…

Now the lyrics are shortened a bit, and that is both due to the length of the quote, and size of the font (before you ask, Hot Coffee)  as well as me being overly sensitive to how they might possibly be construed.  It has everything to do with the UK substitution of BUM for BUTT, and hearing something voiced by a homophobe on TV that made me think BUMMERS might not be something I wanted to put on a card.  And then while I think  American Indian has been shelved for Native American… or has it??  A simple card becomes a minefield of potential offense to SOMEONE, and 20 years on the Internet has taught me that if there is possible offense, sure as eggs is eggs, there will be SOMEONE who WILL take offense and make it a point to tell me I have offended them.  Still I am taking a chance with Madman, but there is simply not enough of the original quote left for it to make sense if I leave that off!

Some assembly required (for the card) and no offense intended…..