Pretty? Grungy? Vintage? Project Life Month Cards…

I have seen a LOT of Project Life cards, both for sale and as printables.  Most of them seem to be more … I don’t know what … maybe Graphic Design style?   I’ve seen some that are rather cartoon-y, lots that are more my sort of style (text and colour and simple shapes) and while I’ve seen a few more vintage-style ones, they are not in the majority.  I wonder why that is?  Is it because the people who are likely to do PL like that style?  Is it that vintage-y things don’t “fit” as well with the style of the books and layouts?  Is it that people like me, who enjoy the designing process, tend to make things that are in keeping with the “official” Project Life stuff?  Honestly, you may laugh, but this kind of thing keeps me up at night LOL!

So I did my usual end-of-week check at The Graphics Fairy, to see what had been added, and I was so taken by this Menu graphic that I just wanted to do something with it.  I have a little project germinating in my head, and it mixed with what I was seeing and ended up as this little set of Month card printables.  I can’t decide if they are Vintage (too much colour?) or Grungy (maybe not grungy so much as Distressed?) but I DO think they are pretty.

They look like this:


A closer look, and a confession…. See the white bits of the design?  Can you see the little curl over the B is not coloured in?  And the one at the far right? Grrrr. I fixed them but then went and copied the wrong file to create the  cards.  I printed the whole set out, cut them up, and THEN noticed.  DOH!


I had to go back and delete alllll the little frames and replace them with the corrected one.

whitecurl2Interesting, too, that the screen versions are all MUCH brighter than the printed versions.  Not sure if that is a printer setting I got out of whack or if it is the fact I need to change a few ink cartridges, or something else.